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Tech talent is the crucial workforce responsible for every tech company's growth and development. Many recruiters have adopted the well-designed online recruitment process, and everyone wants the best.
However, some companies despite having the best tech recruitment are facing a lot of issues. Their productivity is lesser. Their rate of production per employee is less. Employees don’t feel like working in a poor atmosphere. That is why having the best tech talent is not enough for the success of a company.
Many other factors, primarily a good company culture is vital for the success of a company. Companies like Google, Twitter, ProofHub, etc have built good company culture by maintaining a positive environment and taking care of the health of their employees. Here is how you can build a good company culture-

Why is good company culture important for a remote company's success?

The answer to why is good company culture important can’t be summed up in a single sentence. A company’s culture describes the mission and values of an organization. It also defines the principles that its employees will adhere to.
  • A good company culture guides your team in the right direction and influences their decisions.
  • In a good company culture, the employees can use communicate, work together, and collaborate no matter where they are.
  • Good company culture is essential to have a positive environment in the workplace which in turn is conducive to employee happiness.
  • Good company culture involves taking care of the health of its employees and with better health comes more productivity.
Average employees in a good company culture are better than the best employees in poor company culture. Without good company culture, you might have to say goodbye to your company's productive future.
Now the question is-

How to build good company culture?

Start with 'Why,' 'What,' and 'How'

Everything in the world has a purpose. To get started, everyone needs a purpose. People need to know their 'Why.' Because it gives people a sense of purpose, 'Why' is the most crucial element in establishing a good company culture. Employees who lack a 'why' are more likely to leave than those with one. This belief in the 'why'—your company's purpose—will keep employees going through the inevitable downs and ups of the workplace. People with a 'why' will naturally get the 'What' and the 'How.’

Keep a positive environment

Good company cultures foster a positive team culture. It fosters a sense of responsibility and trust in remote teams. It makes them less likely to become lazy. Employees should feel motivated and encouraged to live a balanced and healthy life in an ideal work environment. In a good company culture, employees are willing to work longer hours to get promoted or receive higher salaries, incentives, or exclusive perks.

Mental health check-in

It is crucial to monitor the mental health of your employees if you want to build a good company culture. It is a huge step in the list of how to build a good company culture as-
  • It will help them feel connected and trust each other.
  • They will feel comfortable sharing their struggles and won't be judged, rejected, or punished for them.
  • It will reduce the likelihood of employees concealing their mistakes, which can put the company's reputation at stake.
  • It will also make them feel comfortable sharing their feedback without fear.
You can check your employee's mental health by ensuring they feel loved and supported. Keeping a check will allow them to express their ideas and thoughts without filtering.

Conduct team bonding activities

To have a good company culture, it is important that your employees feel connected to a place. Isolation can lead to irritability, lack of motivation, and lower productivity. It's just as important to get along with your team on a personal level as it is on a professional one. Team bonding will help everyone get to know each other better and strengthen their relationships. The more connected they'll feel, the better they'll collaborate.
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Team bonding activities include talking sessions on various non-work-related topics, weekly or monthly movie or music nights, friendly games competitions, talent shows, virtual coffee breaks, etc. Everyone should feel comfortable and enjoy these activities.

Provide feedback

A company with good company culture is much more than its financial targets. With no feedback;
  • Remote employees can feel confused and lost about their work performance.
  • No feedback can result in low motivation, low self-esteem, and a feeling of worthlessness.
Remote employees feel motivated to work harder and smarter only when they feel valued and they feel valued when they are given proper feedback and this is what makes a good company culture.

A little Appreciation goes a long way-

Appreciation will encourage employees to feel valued and help the company achieve its mission. These are just a few ideas to show appreciation and motivate employees to keep working hard:
  • Employees feel more confident when they are given a shout-out in front of the whole team for a well-performed job.
  • They will feel loved and cared for; an announcement of one "employee of the month" with a short description of their unique qualities that made them stand out from the other.
  • surprise employees by sending them warm wishes and small gifts for special occasions.

Be transparent

In a company, everyone wants to leave an impact on those around them. To work to their full potential, employees must be aware of what is happening around them, feel included, and be a part of the process. Only then can they make an impact. Tell them the truth about the company's affairs and current situation. Treat your employees like your friends. Weekly updates and monthly progress reports will help them feel valued. They will show more enthusiasm for their work and treat the company as their own. This is what makes a good company culture.

Provide space for growth

Talent can come from anywhere, and all they need is an opportunity to shine and be seen. If you don't allow your employees to do what they are passionate about, you'll never be able to see their potential. Allow them to make mistakes, as correcting them is the first step towards success. This environment is what makes a good company culture. The employees will feel less burned out and lost and be able to reach their full potential.

Good company culture examples


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Google employees enjoy a variety of perks and benefits, including
  1. Free meals and parties, bonuses, gym memberships, and more.
  1. Google has a vibrant work culture, not a traditional one. The company offers perks and benefits for employees, expecting them to work hard in return.
These perks are what make Google different from other companies. Working at Google is a dream job because of its good company culture and the benefits it offers.


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One of the most successful tech companies, Twitter, knows how to keep people happy.
  1. Twitter's culture is friendly, learning-based, and causal. Twitter's team-oriented culture is what makes it stand out.
  1. Everyone works with everybody.
  1. There are rooftop meetings, free meals, understanding coworkers, and open dialogues between executives and friendly staff.
  1. Twitter employees know their "Why" and enjoy being part of something that makes a difference in the lives of others.


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Facebook, another name in the list of good company culture examples, offers similar benefits and perks as Twitter and Google.
  1. Facebook is unique because it promotes personal growth by encouraging open communication and learning.
  1. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, works in an open office with the other employees, promoting a sense of equality.
  1. Facebook offers open offices, outdoor roaming areas, and separate buildings, encouraging cultural values and equality.


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Nike is a well-known shoe brand. But more than that, it is a brand that is in the top four in the list of good company culture examples as-
  1. Their motto, "Just do it," is the mantra people live by at Nike. They are encouraged to push themselves to be the best version of themselves.
  1. Nike encourages healthy living and encourages employees to develop healthy habits.
  1. Nike offers a variety of sports facilities, including basketball courts, tennis courts, gyms, and much more.
  1. They also offer health insurance.
  1. There are plenty of training classes and courses in leadership, merchandising, and management.


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ProofHub is a project management platform for professionals.
  1. ProofHub has a transparent work culture, encourages collaboration across departments, and encourages employees to work smart and hard.
  1. Weekly team bonding events are held that promote employee engagement and foster a family-like atmosphere.

Perks and Benefits

Insurance plans

For working people, having insurance plans is a priority. It gives you financial and personal security. There are many insurance options available for all areas of life. Insurance plans can be expensive and difficult to afford for employees. You can help your remote employees by offering them insurance plans, as it will help them feel inclusive. Some employee benefits companies offer discount plans, which can take care of all aspects of your employee benefits program.

Workstation support

Every employee strives for the best equipment, regardless of where they work. Employees are more motivated to do more and produce better results if they have the right equipment.
There are a lot of ways you can help your remote employees set up their work-from-home stations. For instance, employers can reimburse employees for managing their home setup work, which includes maintenance allowances and connection charges.

Learning and developmental opportunities

Nowadays, employees are more interested in learning new technologies and enhancing their skills to grow professionally, so employee benefits should emphasize training and development.
In addition to learning new technologies and improving their skills, they feel obliged to improve their skills while simultaneously working. Online courses are convenient and can be offered to employees on any topic.

Subscription benefits

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There is no doubt that remote workers enjoy this benefit the most.
OTT services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are great options for anyone looking to unwind with fantastic content. Other subscriptions that you can offer to your employees include magazines and paid access to online forums.

Onboarding and HR

Remote employee perks and onboarding should take into account the unique aspects of working from home/anywhere outside of the office. As a result, companies should enable remote teams to stay in touch and remain connected to the people they work with and the daily missions and goals they pursue.

Career inspiration

Remind your staff that your company isn't just hopping on the remote workforce bandwagon. It offers a satisfying career opportunity where employees still get to take advantage of the office benefits.
Remote workers should be allowed to have serious career discussions with their bosses. World-renowned experts can inspire employees in communication, negotiation, and other fields. Bringing their knowledge and experience to the table will inspire employees.

Travel and adventure

Attracting and retaining top talent requires offering benefits above and beyond bare minimums, such as vacations, educational programs, and lifestyle improvements. Giving employees a bit of freedom or a break is another helpful perk.
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When people are brought together for business meetings or when they travel, they often open their discussions to chitchat. This is true because people love to talk about everything that comes to mind. To ensure that people at your business meetings and travel destinations enrich each other's lives, it is a great idea to put together a set of rewards for innovative travel ideas.

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