The 8 best and cheapest workflow automation tools in 2023


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In today's fast-paced business world, effectiveness and productivity are key to staying ahead of the whole competition. One way to achieve this is through the use of workflow automation tools. These powerful tools can streamline your processes, save time and energy, and ultimately boost your bottom line. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of workflow automation tools and their impact on businesses, large and small.

The importance of workflow automation tools

1. Streamline processes and increase efficiency

At the heart of any successful business is a well-organized system of processes. These processes can be anything from employee onboarding to invoice processing and everything in between. Workflow automation tools help businesses automate these manual tasks, allowing for more efficient management and allocation of resources.

2. Eliminate human error

With manual processes comes the inevitable chance of human error. Whether it's due to lack of training, miscommunication, or simply fatigue, these errors can lead to costly mistakes and unnecessary delays. Workflow automation tools minimize these risks by taking manual tasks from human hands and ensuring that each step is completed accurately.

3. Improve communication and collaboration

Effective communication is essential for smooth operations within a business. Workflow automation tools can help foster improved communication by centralizing information and making it readily available for team members. This enhanced collaboration can lead to quicker problem-solving, better decision-making, and happier employees.

4. Maximize resource allocation

By automating repetitive tasks, companies can free up a lot of valuable time for their employees to focus on more important tasks that require their expertise. This efficient use of resources is essential for growth, as it allows businesses to direct their efforts toward innovation and expansion rather than being bogged down with mundane activities.

5. Gain valuable insights

Many workflow automation tools have reporting features that allow you to track performance metrics easily. These insights can identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your current processes, enabling you to make necessary adjustments for continued improvement.

6. Enhance customer satisfaction

The ripple effect of implementing workflow automation tools leads to improved products and services, more responsive customer support, and an overall better experience for your customers. This can result in higher retention rates, repeat business, and ultimately increased revenue.

The best and cheapest workflow automation tools

1. Automation 2.0 by DronaHQ

Does your company depend heavily on you, and does everything fall apart if you are gone for a week? Do you focus more on sorting operations than on growing your business?
If this is so, then DronaHQ has developed a platform that you can use to build apps to gain insights into your own company. This platform will assist you in making the best choices to expand and put your company on autopilot. Your managers can create their workflows, approvals, and processes, which reduces time wastage. Everyone else will have enough time to be more innovative and creative to make everything more efficient.

Standout features of Automation 2.0 by DronaHQ as a workflow automation tool

  • Automation 2.0, one of the best workflow automation tools, allows you to set up a trigger of your choice, such as an API call, a webhook request, or a scheduled cron job, to launch a chain of related automation processes.
  • You can use logical stages like iterations and branching and custom JS if necessary to connect to and fetch data from DBs and APIs.
  • It helps you stay informed and move swiftly by receiving real-time alerts of specific events from data sources, APIs, or third-party apps.


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Build and Publish unlimited web & mobile apps

2. Breakout

Breakout's goal is to offer a contemporary approach to financial services. They provide you with cutting-edge automation technology so that you can concentrate on expanding your businesses. They understand the drawbacks of today's financial solutions, which is why they have brought you the product that helps you automate your financial work.
Cash flow management shouldn't be difficult, so Breakout has made it simple, quick, and clear for you so that you can concentrate on what is important, i.e. growing your business.

Standout features of Breakout as a workflow automation tool

  • Share your capital needs, revenue, and projected future growth and instantly receive a provisional term sheet.
  • It allows you to connect your accounts to their platform, including Shopify, Amazon, your bank account, GST, and others.
  • You can get up to 5 Cr in advance as growth funding immediately. Increase your growth and then pay them back based on your revenue.


3. Butternut

Without writing a single line of code, Butternut integrates your preferred services with its user-friendly interface. Their drag-and-drop procedures, which are simple to use, can be used to gather data, transmit it to your preferred services, and integrate it into any system.
In fact, in order to maintain control while getting rid of the busy work, Butternut enables you to blend human activity with automation.

Standout features of Butternut as a workflow automation tool

  • Butternut automates your operations so you may focus on new activities rather than continuously performing the same ones.
  • Butternut links together your favorite apps and services to form a workflow.
  • Any manual or repetitive work with your company's internal procedures can be automated. Butternut supports people in all areas.


Your first 1000 operations each month are available for free. Then the price starts at 0.002€/operation.

4. Happisales

For field sales representatives, managers, and management, Happisales is a complete field sales automation solution. Hakuna Matata Solutions, a renowned provider of digital transformation services, is the maker of Happisales. Their field staff tracking software is created with the express purpose of making the daily lives of field executives simpler. Happisales pays attention to usability, security, and scalability, the three pillars of trust and productivity.

Standout features of Happisales as a workflow automation tool

  • By automating the reporting and administration activities, Happisales enables the salesperson to concentrate on critical tasks.
  • The reporting engine of Happisales assists sales managers and leaders in finding hidden possibilities and fixing problems by gathering pertinent data.


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IFTTT is a top connectivity platform that assists millions of individuals and hundreds of companies in transforming their products into cohesive and interconnected services. They have developed a standardized, low-code method of automation and communication for the various apps and services found worldwide.
IFTTT was developed as a way for everyone to use coding's dynamic potential without having to learn how to code themselves. Using their advanced features in Pro+, you can access filter code and conditional logic and publish your API if you wish to employ code.

Standout features of IFTTT as a workflow automation tool

  • IFTTT allows you to automate from anywhere and at any time just by using their iOS and Android apps.
  • It will never let you miss another opportunity. It helps you automate, organize, and track every lead.
  • It allows you to write once and post to numerous networks automatically, thereby helping you save time.


1 month

6. Make

Make is the top visual platform for anybody to design, construct, and automate anything. From tasks and workflows to apps and systems, you can automate everything even if you don't have good coding skills. Making strong custom solutions with Make helps people, teams, and businesses in many industries scale their operations faster than ever.
Make's passion is to empower everyone with the ability to innovate and automate.

Standout features of Make as a workflow automation tool

  • Make helps you to drive more inbound sourced income and high-quality leads with its efficient lead creation.
  • With Make's automated lead routing and contract management, you can close sales more quickly.
  • To avoid mistakes and the loss of corporate data, Make allows you to integrate systems and communicate data among all tools.
  • By quickly recognizing problems, security breaches can be avoided, and interruptions can be reduced with Make.


1 month

7. Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is one of the best workflow automation tools. With a single Pabbly account, you can create, administer, and advertise your entire business. Pabbly also gives you access to robust tool apps like form builders, email marketing, subscription billing, automation, and many more.
Furthermore, Pabbly Plus is a full-featured business management package that takes care of all of your sales and marketing requirements, saving you the trouble of having to use different software. You can handle all of your business needs with Pabbly Plus in one single location.

Standout features of Pabbly Connect as a workflow automation tool

Pabbly allows you to;
  • Create automated workflows with ease and move data between applications with ease.
  • Integrate affiliate management for recurring billing and subscription management.
  • Discover a complete email marketing system that makes it simple to send emails to subscribers and customers.
  • Utilize their online form builder's strength to quickly and easily collect payments, leads, surveys, and more.
  • Verify your email list to remove any incorrect email addresses to increase delivery and open rates.


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1 month

8. Zapier

Making automation work for everyone is Zapier's goal. By integrating apps like Salesforce, Intuit, Google, and Dropbox with Zapier, you can automate the transfer of data between them so you can concentrate on your most crucial tasks.
Zapier allows you to utilize automation to deliver leads directly to your lead management tools, which will save you time. It also helps you improve the accuracy of your data. It makes sure fresh leads are included in the appropriate email campaigns by using automation.

Standout features of Zapier as a workflow automation tool

  • Zapier helps you automate tedious tasks so you may concentrate on your work and not your tools.
  • You can reclaim your time and concentrate on important work by integrating your essential work apps into workflows.
  • More apps are supported by Zapier than on any other platform, allowing you to maximize your toolkit.
  • You can use Zapier Interfaces to power your client portals, dashboards for lead generation and onboarding, and other applications.


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