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Name: Fattesingh Rane
Job Designation/ Role: Software Engineer
Company: Gojek
Country: India
Total years of experience: 3
A professional software engineer and fitness buff, Fattesingh had a stellar career so far for his age. He has worked as a Software Developer and Consultant at many organizations like Open Destinations, Business Insurance Solutions Ltd (BISL), Designway, GYTWorkz, and GoTo Group.
Although not his first remote role, Fattesingh is still appreciative of what it offers.
The thing I like about remote work is no travel, which saves a lot of time and I can spend this time on my hobbies or finish some extra work if any.
Fattesingh wanted to acknowledge AllRemote’s helping hand in landing an opportunity at Gojek.
AllRemote was instrumental in helping me land my current remote job. I came across AllRemote through one of my LinkedIn connections. The Talent Advisors I interacted with at AllRemote were very welcoming of all my queries and helped me land a job basis not just my skills but also my interests. They also helped me throughout the interview process by guiding me on skills I was lacking before the client interviews.
Here’s what Fattesingh’s typical day looks like.
  1. 8 AM: Wake up, get ready for work, and check my emails
  1. 9 AM: Start my work day
  1. 10 AM: Attend the daily standup and weekly project planning meetings
  1. 11 AM-2 PM: Code
  1. 2 PM: Lunch
  1. 2:30/ 3 PM: Huddle with team lead to share updates on all my tasks
  1. 3:30 PM: Once a week have a fun meeting with team members. We connect and play online games or share recent fun activities we did.
  1. 4 PM - 6 PM: Continue working or coding. If I finish my task early then I utilize this time to learn new skills which are required at work.
  1. 6 PM: Log out and head to the gym.
  1. 9 PM: Reach home, watch TV with my family, help my mother in the kitchen, have dinner, and sleep.
Fattesingh believes that Remote work is all about self-discipline. As a fitness freak himself, he advises others to step out too.
Remote work is great, as long as you can stay productive and be self-disciplined about your work, and maintain a work-life balance. Mostly when we work from home we spend most of our time sitting and staring at the screen which also reduces our physical activity. Work can be overwhelming which is why I advise that people join some fitness classes to stay healthy and do some fun activities on weekends.
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