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Name: Simrit Singh Dhiman
Job Designation/ Role: Python Developer
Company: Akseleran
Country: India
Total years of experience: 2
A professional software engineer working on solving complex problems through coding, Simrit has worked as a Software Developer right from the beginning of his career. He started as an intern at Unilever, followed by working as a Computer Scientist at Belzabar Software Design India Private Limited, and a Software Engineer at OneAssist Consumer Solutions before landing an opportunity with Akseleran in November 2022.
One of the reasons that attracted Simrit to Akseleran was the ability to work remotely with a flexible-hour policy. Apart from the quality of work that Simrit will perform in his job, this is the make-or-break factor he now looks for in any company.
With a remote job, I know that I can save up some money and do some travel and work at the same time. So I get to fulfill my hobby while working alongside which is a great perk in itself. Sometimes when the work is challenging, it's good to change the environment to think fresh and bring some positive energy.
Simrit lauds AllRemote for helping him land a remote opportunity at Akseleran.
AllRemote played a keen role in helping me bag my first remote job. Honestly, I was looking for a job after a long time and I signed up on Instahyre where I was applying for lots of opportunities. At that time, I also applied for a Python Developer position at Skuad and I was actually very excited about working remotely. I had a formal discussion with members of the HR team and they were very supportive. The process was very smooth and transparent. The interview process was wrapped up in a day or two and my joining date was communicated to me as 7th November 2022.
Here’s what Simrit’s typical day looks like.
  1. 7 AM - Wake up and go for a workout.
  1. 9:30/10 AM - Open the laptop and get ready for the day.
  1. 11 AM - Start the day with daily standup and sip the coffee, I just made. Coffee makes sure that I don't fall asleep since I am yet to establish my proper workspace 😀.
  1. 3 PM - Take a break and have my lunch.
  1. 4 PM - Resume work.
  1. 8/9 PM- Shut my laptop off. Enjoy dinner and ‘me’ time.
Simrit is an advocate for remote work but believes we should open ourselves to new people and experiences, and this includes changing your workstation if necessary.
One thing which I would like to highlight is that there are times when we get bored doing the work at the same place (could be home or any other vacation place). Also, as we are not meeting new people and we are surrounded by family, therefore, it's important to set up a proper office environment. It is okay if we go out and seek new people because, in today’s world, mental peace is more important. Go out and work from the place where we feel the most energetic and relaxed. For sure, our productivity will be maximized.
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