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Name: Prashanth Naik
Job Designation/ Role: Sales Development Representative
Company: Skuad
Country: India
Total years of experience: 3.5
A salesperson to the core who believes in the mantra “Make A Customer, Not A Sale”, Prashant has been working in Sales his entire life. He began his journey in Red Apricot before landing an opportunity with Skuad in August 2022. Talking about the USP of working at Skuad, Prashant said;
People are cooperative and respond on time. This is the biggest booster for anyone to join. If there is no proper response, we won’t get a good feeling and this impacts the output once we join. I got a good response and the help was immense. This resulted in over-achieving my targets. The appropriate work culture, a growing team, lots of learning opportunities, and family-like a feel- That’s what Skuad is all about.
Prashant feels AllRemote has a big hand in helping him land an opportunity he is excited to work at to date.
AllRemote team has helped me in my journey of getting hired very closely. The team of recruiters at AllRemote is extremely supportive and ensures the hiring process is smooth without any hiccups.
Prashant is a firm advocate of remote work. He opines working remotely has helped him to adjust his day according to the work he does. It has helped Prashant stay close to his family and wife, and save precious time and energy spent on commutes.
Here’s what Prashant’s typical day looks like.
  1. 7:30 AM-10 AM - Routine tasks like taking shower, having breakfast, and tending to personal work.
  1. 10 AM-12 PM - Follow up on the prospects who asked to get in touch on that particular day. Spend time sending and replying to emails and completing any pending work.
  1. 12 PM-4 PM - Cold calling all the prospects on my list for the day.
  1. 4 PM-8 PM - Workout. Have coffee with my family and spend some quality time with them. Take my wife out in the evening. Come back home and o.
  1. 9 PM-11 PM - Plan my work for the next day. Make a list of prospects and accounts to reach out to the next day.
  1. 11 PM -7:30 AM- Sleep time.
Prashant believes working from home or remotely isn’t easy and requires you to function independently and with a lot of discipline. He has even written an article that describes his challenges and realizations while working remotely. After cracking ground with remote work he has some tips to share with others.
Make sure to prepare a To-Do list to figure out what you want to achieve and in how much time. If you have this, even if you achieve 60-70% of it, I would say we can go to bed thinking we did amazing work today. I have tried this and it got me the results that help me grow in my career and also bring outcomes for the company.
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