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Cloud computing is one of those revolutionary technologies that has changed how you operate and store data. It allows storing and accessing data remotely, reducing physical hardware and software needs. Cloud computing will enable you to retrieve and use your data from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.
As more and more benefits of cloud computing come to light, more industries are opting for it; the technology is viewed as a workable solution to growing connectivity and storage issues in small, medium, and large enterprises. Due to its ability to save consumers and businesses money by keeping data in the cloud, cloud computing has become extremely popular among organizations. As a result, recruiters are nowadays looking for workers who are knowledgeable about cloud computing technologies.
Therefore, cloud computing is a mandatory skill one should have to have an edge over others.
Do you also want to learn cloud computing?
Are there any online courses for cloud computing?
Which is the best cloud computing course?
To answer these, let's understand cloud computing and how it works!

What is cloud computing?

At its core, cloud computing means the delivery of computing services over the Internet. This can include anything from storage and processing power to software applications and analytics. Instead of purchasing and managing physical hardware in-house, you utilize external resources to access these services via data centers managed by cloud service providers.
Cloud computing models include:
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
It provides virtualized computing resources, such as virtual machines, storage options, and networks. It allows you to build your IT infrastructure within the cloud.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS):
It offers a development platform that includes tools, libraries, and frameworks for building, testing, and deploying applications. You can concentrate on application development while the provider manages the underlying infrastructure.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS):
SaaS' responsibility is to deliver software applications over the world wide web. It is based on a subscription basis. You can access and use these applications without worrying about installation, maintenance, or infrastructure management.

The benefits of cloud computing

Cost efficiency

One of the many pros of using cloud computing is its cost efficiency. You pay for the services you use instead of maintaining an expensive in-house infrastructure. This pay-as-you-go model helps you to reduce IT expenses while ensuring scalability.

Scalability and flexibility

Cloud computing allows you to quickly scale your resources as required without investing in additional hardware.


With the internet being the backbone of cloud computing, you can access your digital assets from anywhere on any device with a network connection.

Disaster Recovery

Data stored in cloud-based systems is typically backed up across multiple servers in different locations. This ensures that if a disaster occurs at one site, such as an outage or natural calamity, your data is still protected and available from other locations.


Cloud services facilitate easier team collaboration by providing a centralized location for shared documents and resources.


Cloud providers employ advanced security measures to protect data and infrastructure, often surpassing the security capabilities of individual organizations. They implement encryption, access controls, monitoring systems, and regular security updates to safeguard user information.
Eager to learn cloud computing? Let's have a look at the best cloud computing online courses!

The best cloud computing online courses

If you're looking to learn cloud computing to level up your career or expand your skillset, enrolling in the best cloud computing online courses is a fantastic way to get started. Here are our top picks for cloud computing courses to learn cloud computing and boost your expertise and employability.

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect course is among the most highly regarded and in-demand cloud computing courses available online. Designed for individuals with experience working with AWS services, this course provides an in-depth understanding of designing and deploying scalable, fault-tolerant systems using various AWS tools.
You will acquire many skills, such as how to navigate the AWS Management Console efficiently and understand its key features through interactive video lectures, hands-on labs, and quizzes. The course covers EC2 instances, S3 buckets, VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds), load-balancing techniques using ELBs (Elastic Load Balancers), auto-scaling groups, security management with IAM policies and roles, and more.
Completing this course can help you improve your career prospects by providing a recognized industry certification demonstrating your proficiency in designing robust solutions on Amazon Web Services.
Furthermore, as one of the leading platforms in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers numerous other certifications for IT professionals. This Udemy course is meticulously crafted. It will teach you how to architect and deploy secure AWS applications.
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4h 10m total length (Lifetime access)
₹3399 Discounted Price- ₹399 (88% off)

2. Fundamentals of Open Source IT and Cloud Computing– The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is an NGO that supports the development and adoption of open-source technologies, including Linux. It is one of the leading organizations in the field of cloud computing, promoting the use of open-source software and collaboration among industry professionals.
If you are highly interested in learning cloud computing, The Linux Foundation's course is worth considering. This online cloud computing course covers everything related to cloud computing and its key components, such as-
  • Infrastructure as a service,
  • Platform as a service, and
  • Software as a service.
One of the many advantages of this course is that it's vendor-neutral, which means it doesn't favor any specific cloud provider or technology. Instead, it provides an objective view of how various organizations implement cloud solutions using different technologies.
The course consists of eight modules, each covering different topics, such as creating virtual machines, configuring storage solutions, and managing security in the cloud environment. Along with learning the fundamentals of how virtual resources are deployed in the Cloud, you will also become familiar with the Cloud's architecture, technology, and advantages. After finishing the course, you'll be able to talk about version control and show that you understand licenses and agreements fundamentally.
The Linux Foundation's introduction to cloud computing offers a great start for someone who intends to learn about the fundamentals of this exciting field. With its clear explanations and practical examples, the Fundamentals of Open Source IT and Cloud Computing course gives you a strong foundation in one of today's most important technologies.
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12 months of access

3. Introduction to Cloud Computing – Udemy

Udemy is one of the most admired and trusted online learning platforms, offering a plethora of courses on various subjects. One such course is Introduction to Cloud Computing.
It provides an overview of cloud computing and its different models, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. It also covers the benefits and challenges associated with cloud computing.
Introduction to Cloud Computing by Udemy is designed for beginners who are eager to learn cloud computing. The instructor explains complex concepts in simple language and uses real-world examples to help students understand better.
You can access video lectures, quizzes, assignments, and downloadable resources that reinforce your understanding of cloud computing fundamentals throughout the course.
After completing this course successfully, you can differentiate between different types of clouds (public/private/hybrid) and identify appropriate use cases for each type based on business requirements.
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55 minutes (Lifetime validity)
  • Certificate only in paid version*

4. Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts – LinkedIn Learning

If you are eager to learn cloud computing, this online course is a must- the "Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts" course offered by LinkedIn Learning. This course focuses on teaching you the nuts and bolts of cloud computing and will help you learn how to leverage its potential.
Throughout this intermediate-level course, you will learn about various cloud deployment models, including public, private, hybrid clouds, and community clouds. You'll also explore various cloud services such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
One of the best things about Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts is that it provides hands-on experience using popular cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
David Linthicum, your instructor, explains cloud computing and the effects it can have on your cost-effectiveness, agility, and other factors. David walks you through choosing a cloud provider and organizing a move. He discusses the tools you need to maintain their cloud-based infrastructure, as well as security issues, routine daily activities, and operations. David also discusses cloud governance in great detail before moving on to multi-cloud operations and advanced cloud operations techniques and technologies.
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1h 32m

5. Microsoft Azure - AZ-900 Certification Course

Microsoft Azure, a top-tier cloud platform, offers its certification for IT professionals looking to upskill. The AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam covers a wide range of cloud concepts and services. The Microsoft Azure - AZ-900 Certification course will prepare you for the certification exam. It will also help you build essential skills and gain knowledge to work with Azure-based solutions.
The four courses that make up this Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialisation serve as a solid foundation of fundamental information for getting ready for the AZ-900 certification exam and a career in the cloud. This program's material closely matches the AZ-900 exam's goal domains.
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Approximately five months
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6. Cloud Computing Basics (Cloud 101) – Coursera

Coursera is a fantastic resource for learning new skills. It constantly has free resources for anybody looking to develop expertise and build a career in cloud computing. An introductory course offered by Coursera called Cloud Computing Basics (101) provides in-depth knowledge about Microsoft Azure cloud services. The course focuses on a variety of cloud-related topics, including managed infrastructure levels, cloud economics, and storage services. In addition to hosting scenarios, several Cloud computing deployment strategies are available. The course also covers various cloud computing platforms and upcoming trends.
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9 hours

7. Cloud Computing Tutorial by Simplilearn

People typically don't value YouTube enough when it comes to learning comprehensive courses. You can uncover some fantastic YouTube content that can teach valuable skills if you do some in-depth study. The cloud computing course on Simplilearn YouTube channel covers the crucial foundations of cloud technology while being very accessible and cost-free.
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You can become a specialist in cloud applications and architecture by doing the Cloud Architect Certification course. With this course, you will acquire the ability to develop and install dynamically scalable, tremendously available, fault-tolerant, and dependable applications on three of the main cloud computing platform providers-
Amazon Web Services (AWS),
Microsoft Azure, and
Google Cloud Platform.
You'll gain a thorough understanding of cloud computing services like-
  • AWS Cloud Formation,
  • Azure Resource Manager,
  • EC2, S3,
  • Route53,
  • VPC,
  • Azure App Services,
  • GCP, and more
You'll gain a lot of information. Furthermore, you will learn the abilities required to pass Cloud Architect Certification exams like the ones for AWS Architect and Azure Architect.
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7 hours

8. GCP Associate Cloud Engineer- Google Cloud Certification

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification emphasizes the fundamental abilities to deploy, monitor, and sustain projects on Google Cloud.
For people who want to learn cloud computing, this certification is a fantastic place to begin learning cloud computing and can be used as a stepping stone to higher-level qualifications.
It will teach you the ways to create a cloud computing infrastructure, prepare and set up a cloud solution, deploy and use a cloud-based solution, and ensure that a cloud solution is operationally successful and access and security settings.
The outstanding Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification course will assist you in learning the Google Cloud (GCP).
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17 hours 21 minutes
₹ 3399 Discounted Price- ₹ 399 (88% off)


These are some of the best online cloud computing courses to help you learn cloud computing from scratch or improve your existing knowledge. With so many options, choosing one can be overwhelming but rest assured that all these courses mentioned here are top-notch.
Remember that learning never stops; new advancements happen daily. So make sure always to stay updated with industry trends by attending conferences or webinars regularly.
By enrolling in any of these online courses today, not only do you gain a competitive edge over others in your career but also potentially increase your earning potential!

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