Top 11 hiring platforms for recruiting remote talent in 2022


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Remote work has experienced a boom since COVID-19, and the game is changing rapidly with the advent of remote work, work from home and freelancing jobs. The world witnessed transformations in nearly everything, including the way companies used to hire workers. The digital ecosystem with evolving technologies has brought rapid changes in the recruitment process.
Now companies can hire anyone from the hiring platforms available online. Whether an applicant is a student, a person who lives in a different country, or comes from any background, it doesn't matter. Since now it is easier to apply for a remote-based job, it is more challenging to hire the right candidate. Also, with so many hiring platforms available in the hiring market, selecting the one that suits your company's needs becomes challenging.
HR and managers try to find more reliable ways to hire relevant candidates, screen them accurately, shorten the hiring time and retain the selected candidates for a longer time. Tech-driven automated processes, along with human-centric AI, are the factors that help companies select the best hiring platforms and get the best-suited talent pool for their growth.

Factors to consider while selecting the best remote talent-hiring platforms

  • Accurate tools and methods for screening candidates
  • User-friendly software that offers flexibility and AI for repetitive tasks
  • Scalability and affordability
  • Techniques that improve candidate experience
  • Features to track application from start to end
  • Comprehensive solution for hiring and talent sourcing
To simplify for you, we have carefully curated a list of the top hiring platforms that help you source, screen, and hire talent.

Top hiring platforms

1. LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a name that needs no introduction. Without a single piece of doubt, LinkedIn is the best remote talent-hiring platform across the globe. LinkedIn offers you:
  • Access to the largest professional network for hiring remote talent
  • Personalized messaging to enhance candidate engagement
  • Robust tracking, collaboration, and analytics tools to track candidate applications

2. AllRemote

AllRemote is the best-in-class hiring platform for hiring the right remote talent that best fits your company. AllRemote provides you with the most uncomplicated process for hiring candidates. It delivers a variety of services that help you simplify the process of hiring candidates.
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  • It offers you to "build teams without boundaries- within days"
  • Hire the best talent at the fastest rate without any hassle of a hectic recruiting process
  • It allows you to access top remote talent in more than 20 countries
  • Hire for almost all sectors of economies
  • Select first full-time remote hire in less than two weeks and much more
With the option of hiring from any corner of the world, AllRemote also provides you with a remote hiring guide to smoothen your process of hiring remote talent.

3. Workable

Workable, founded in 2012, is one of the first platforms which completely automate and streamline the hiring process.
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  • Workable offers the best recruitment tools that provide comprehensive hiring solutions that suit your needs
  • Along with offering you the best remote talent worldwide, it also helps you communicate your requirements and values
  • Workable is the best option for hiring the most talented pool of remote workers for large corporates and organizations

4. Snaphunt

Snaphunt helps you hire the right talent quickly and accurately. It is an intelligent hiring platform driven by advanced technology that eliminates tedious manual tasks at every step.
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  • Its intuitive interface allows you to source, screen, and hire the best talent available across the globe
  • Its automation and AI tools browse through more than 650 million candidate profiles to bring you the best of them
  • Snaphunt's in-built tools, such as psychometric assessment, automated reference checking, and asynchronous video interviews, allow you to screen targeted talent quickly

5. Ziprecruiter

Ziprecruiter, one of the simplest hiring platforms, allows recruiters to screen applicants in a single go.
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  • The software offers pre-built templates that can be customized, if required, by companies as per their needs
  • Ziprecruiter sends your job posting to over 100 websites with a single click
  • It offers you customizable templates for your job descriptions
Ziprecruiter claims its powerful matching technology will instantly match you with the remote talent pool.

6. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is a trusted hiring platform built on a modern cloud platform.
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  • It encourages collaborative hiring by providing tools such as AI-based candidate matching, fully-integrated testing, automated screening assessments, etc., and much more
  • It offers applicant tracking and automated scheduling services to ease the hiring process
  • Apart from easy onboarding, it helps you with in-depth background screening of each candidate, which is mandatory to hire the correct candidate

7. Indeed

Indeed offers versatile features with a gigantic user database for hiring the right candidate.
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  • Indeed allows you to create free job listings and choose candidate skills assessments
  • Posting your job on Indeed is easy as it offers simple step-by-step questions
  • The information you provide gets added to make a comprehensive job post
Indeed offers several other facilities with its paid version. With the paid version of Indeed, you can reach a wider audience, and your job posting stays in the highlights for longer.

8. Greenhouse

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Greenhouse is an HR system focused on inclusivity, diversity, and equality. Its sourcing automation helps you to engage with talent quickly and effectively.
  • Its automated outreach with robust reporting and analytics helps you hire the best candidates
  • Greenhouse's wide range of automated tasks helps you keep moving forward
  • Built on constant improvement, Greenhouse enables you to integrate new hires quickly
The main aim of Greenhouse is to reduce hiring bias while simultaneously amplifying your team's efficiency. You can unlock many other features with the paid version of Greenhouse.

9. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the best hiring platforms for employers who want to hire candidates based on their company culture and business values.
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  • It allows you to create a free account to build an attractive employer profile that attracts skilled remote workers
  • You can tell compelling stories to engage, influence, and hire diverse talent
  • You can showcase your ratings, awards, reviews, and key company updates to lure desirable candidates
With the upgraded version of Glassdoor, you can unlock more profound insights.

10. Breezy

Breezy, an applicant training system (ATS), offers fast-paced, smooth, and efficient hiring solutions.
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  • It offers automated SMS communication and a user-friendly talent search engine to save you time
  • Their software creates custom applicant scorecards that make the screening process hassle-free
  • Breezy allows you the full feature 14-day trial without using a credit card
With Breezy, you can 'advertise and attract' millions of candidates by advertising your open positions on more than 50 job sites.

11. Jobvite

Jobvite is a cloud-based system ideal for newly established companies. This Applicant tracking system (ATS) is equipped with tools that manage the entire process from screening to onboarding.
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  • Its 'employ quarterly insights’ report gives unique insights on hiring trends
  • Their comprehensive suite has made recruiting easy to manage, measure, track and automate so that recruiting managers can do their job
  • Jobvite, as a recruitment managing platform, allows you to create career sites for new applicants
  • Its recruiting marketing and customer relationship management module maintain communication with passive applicants


Hiring today has become much faster and fair with these hiring platforms.
Digital hiring platforms have optimized the productivity and efficiency of hiring managers. The innovative methods and human-centric AI approach of hiring platforms are taking the data-driven approach for acquiring the best talent globally.
Online talent recruitment with hiring platforms has many benefits, such as fast hiring, increased recruiter productivity, and more accurate and unbiased hiring. The process of hiring is now seamless because of cloud-based recruitment systems. Due to this, companies are turning towards these hiring platforms for recruitment.

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