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The world witnessed a significant change in 2020 as the COVID-19 epidemic struck the globe. The world has changed completely. According to Forbes, around 70% of workers will work remotely five days a month by 2025. Indeed remote jobs have proven to be a massive benefit for businesses as well. Any type of business can hire remote workers as companies now have access to a larger pool of talent.
But for skilled employees, the employees must post in the right places. It was witnessed that many employers were bluffed as they posted on the wrong sites. Moreover, some couldn’t get the best talent as their job postings couldn’t attract skilled workers.
Thus, the correct remote job posting done at the right remote job posting sites is significant. A good remote job posting includes a brief about your company, the skills required, the salary range being offered, and several other things. Scroll down to know about the best remote job posting sites and to get a proper guide for the remote job posting.

Popular remote job posting sites

Remote work is available to everyone, and most sectors of the economy can provide work from home jobs. But, the question is, where to post the remote job postings? Which are the best and most trustworthy remote job posting sites? Indeed remote jobs aren’t only restricted to the tech sector, as many think. It is possible to find work in any industry as almost all industries now offer online jobs or work from home jobs. Given below are some of the popular choices to post your part time work from home jobs as well as full time online jobs.


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AllRemote is the best website where you can post your remote job postings. People looking for work from home jobs should visit it as it offers other services including-
  1. Creating job resumes
  1. Exploring remote companies
  1. Reading interesting insights from the world of remote work.
  1. Finding part time work from home jobs and online jobs.
  1. It helps companies to post their remote job postings in an easy and extensive way.
Companies availing services of AllRemote get to hire the best and most authentic remote talent.


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FlexJobs offers various categories of remote work. They handpick all the jobs. Level ranges from freelance, part time work from home jobs, and full-time online jobs. Whether you are a beginner or an executive, you can apply for remote jobs. The online job site currently hosts over 20,000 digital nomad or home-based job ads.

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You can search for jobs on by job type. They manually curate their list of remote positions. Job categories and the listing include-
  • customer service
  • design possibilities
  • developer roles
  • recruitment and HR positions
  • sales positions, and other remote job positions.
It also includes managers, marketing, and content writers.


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Pangian's virtual job board provides an extensive list of available remote jobs. The list includes content creation, UX design, website development, and digital marketing. It also allows you to be part of the online community they have.


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JustRemote offers an easy-to-use search page. It allows you to browse job postings for remote workers quickly. The site allows you to find remote jobs in specific countries. To get started, choose the type of remote work you're interested in. After that, decide if you're looking for permanent or contract work.

We Work Remotely

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With over 2.5 million monthly users, We Work Remotely bills itself as the largest remote work community on the planet. Contrary to several other sites for remote work, prominent corporations like Google, Amazon, and Basecamp use We Work Remotely. Its user-friendly layout makes finding remote work a breeze. The website also provides several resources for remote employment, such as an index of remote companies and a blog post listing the top hiring companies.


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LinkedIn is a well-known professional network. LinkedIn has 720+ million members spread across more than 200 nations and regions around the world. It is a preferred option for companies looking to hire talented employees. Employers can post their job openings on LinkedIn by selecting the price packages that meet their particular needs to attract the best talent to LinkedIn for the job.


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Numerous work-from-home career alternatives are available through Remote OK. User experience, programming, and design are the most frequently used subcategories. There are many opportunities for full-time and part time work from home jobs that aren't tech-related positions. Additionally, if you are searching for job openings or remote businesses, click "remote working statistics,” "remote working data," as well as the "remote working information" tab to find out about those job sectors that have the highest number of jobs available.

Working Nomads

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Working Nomads is designed for digital nomads around the world. Areas include human resources, education, and writing, as well as standards categories. In addition to the site's search options, you can also send regular or weekly email notifications for certain categories of work or even more.


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Remotive has an online job board for remote workers and a remote work community. They publish a monthly newsletter with a complete listing of remote job openings. It offers only the most sought-after remote work opportunities. Remotive also provides clarity about the location restrictions the job listings have. This makes it easier to locate remote job opportunities.


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SkipTheDrive offers a no-cost and easy-to-use job board. They offer a wide variety of remote employment options. You can find jobs in many categories. For instance, traditional IT disciplines and professions like nursing, consulting, administration, insurance, and sales.

Hubstaff Talent

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Hubstaff Talent is a fast-growing job board. It has hundreds and thousands of users around the world. You can not only look through job listings. However, you can also make a profile of yourself as a job seeker on the website. So, companies that are interested will be able to contact you. Hubstaff Talent is a free marketplace with many filters, such as pay or experience. You can also filter the types of jobs that truly allow you to personalize your search.


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Jobspresso is one of the most well-known remote job sites that the most renowned startups trust in the world. Remote businesses like WordPress, Zapier, and Trello have also put their trust in Jobspresso. You can look through their job listings. It offers a variety of remote jobs in various fields like technology, customer service, marketing, and much more. A majority of jobs are U.S.-based. However, many positions let you work from any location. Additionally, you can post your resume on the website to draw in potential employers.

Important things to include in a remote job posting on remote job posting sites

Merely posting, "We are hiring” is not enough. There are a lot of things a company should mention when it posts job listings. The quality of your advertisement and the information you provide determines the quality of the applicants. These simple rules will guarantee that you're attracting applicants that are the fittest for the position.

Make sure you use an accurate job title

The title used to describe the job must be precise.
  • Use plain words and not fancy ones. These fancy words aren't representative of the job the candidate is seeking.
  • In addition to fancy terms, do not use jargon or abbreviations. They could confuse and mislead job applicants.
  • It should also be straightforward. It should clearly describe the job and the responsibilities in a precise manner.

Impress them with your introduction

Your introduction will allow you to describe your company and the position you're applying to.
  • Provide candidates with details that illustrate the aspects of the position that applicants will find fascinating. It will serve as the bait to draw them in and persuade them to read the rest of the job postings.
  • Use phrases like "we" and "you" to make it seem more personable and demonstrate that people authored it, not bots.

List all the roles, responsibilities, and requirements

This portion will allow you to describe this role clearly and straightforwardly.
  • You may help candidates understand what they will be in charge of by emphasizing the duties that come with the position.
  • Since you want candidates to buy into the actual role you are presenting, you must be truthful while defining the position.

Skills that are necessary and desired must be distinguished clearly

A job candidate must always possess a specific set of abilities or attributes to be considered for the position.
  • There are some abilities you would mandatorily desire in a candidate, whereas there are some nice-to-haves. Set these abilities apart from one another.
  • For instance, if you need someone who can communicate in German, that person must be able to do so because they will be dealing with German clients.
The applicant's expertise must match the requirements of the job.

Be sure to include the salary range

You must be aware of the highest wage you can provide for a job. A candidate is aware of their financial needs and market value.
  • It is important to ensure that every applicant is content with the salary range you can provide.
  • You can do it by including the salary range in your job description.
  • Many businesses spend time interviewing applicants for positions they cannot afford.
If you make this mistake, then you lose time you could have spent on hiring candidates you can actually afford.

Enhance your remote job posting with fantastic benefits offered by your company

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Only a few businesses can afford to provide each employee with the best possible working conditions. Because of this, employee perks can be a great leveller.
  • Your job posting must mention if you provide a week of vacation time in addition to the industry average.
  • Also, include outstanding employee benefits, such as bonus plans, medical insurance, or financial aid for training.
You can show potential hires how much you value your staff by highlighting your incredible advantages.

Describe the application process in detail

Explain in detail the entire application process for your remote job posting. It might seem straightforward, but if your advertisement fails to mention it, it could not be able to attract the ideal applicants. There are no two job sites alike that follow the same process for applying to jobs or posting one. Because you are familiar with the process, do not assume that candidates know the procedure and the steps they must follow.

Have a second person look through your remote job posting before posting it on remote job posting sites.

It's possible to read your remote job posting 20 times and still overlook a grammatical or spelling mistake.
  • Have a reliable co-worker review your remote job posting.
  • Ask them to provide constructive criticism on any errors, details you could have missed or that you should fix.
  • A remote job posting is a unique kind of marketing for your business.
  • The content you create for it should reflect both your brand and your company's culture.
You must fix all the errors and show your vacant positions in the best possible light.

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