Border is based on the ideology **Strategize startup thinking for your enterprise.** Suppose that we run a big business and manage a multi-million dollar software product. We own the space. Dominate..


Countries:United States of America
Headquarters:United States of America
Size:1-10 Employees
Industry:UI Design

About Border

Border is based on the ideology Strategize startup thinking for your enterprise.

Suppose that we run a big business and manage a multi-million dollar software product. We own the space. Dominate. But know challengers are emerging more rapidly than ever. Startups build software in minutes utilizing today's rapidly evolving technologies.

Our top notch team is entrenched in supporting your cash cow. It's downright scary to adapt even though you know you must. Border brings product definition, launch, marketing and sales strategy to enhance your team. We work differently. Our principals integrate with our team seeding fresh ideas and getting their hands dirty. No more outsourcing your braintrust to an agency.

We are a new way to work with a clear path to the future. With focus towards the the design also they believed that Design should be :

User experiences for reality

Designing enterprise software is all about workflow. The user experience reflects the way a user thinks. How each person does the job. Yes, design also means color, shape and layout. That's a given. Meaningful UX matches a deep understanding of human psychology with how we as people interact with machines.

Software is not simply what's on the screen. It accounts for the environment, mood and feelings of our customers. Brilliant products understand the constrains of technology and push boundaries to enable compelling design. At Border, we are always pursuing ""wow"" moments. Forever. Never satisfied.

Our Vison apart from two above also includes:

Architect evolve and improve your software

You've built successful software and there's no such thing as downtime. The current architecture in place for years needs to co-mingle with the latest and greatest without introducing weakness of any kind. Modernize, but sustain. It's like building a tunnel under Los Angeles without disturbing the surface. Doable with the right crew. But don't be enticed by the new shiny bauble. It's not always the right choice. Our’s team is chock full of experienced principals that have built it all. From database to DevOps, we architect software to guarantee performance, automate your builds and ensure robustness. Front-end or back-end. React, Angular, AWS, Kubernetes, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, they do that.

The team at Border will architect your forever technology. With you side-by-side we'll......

Fill in the gaps of the development lifecycle

The last thing you want is for outside experts to do it for you, leaving you clueless after deployment. You don't want us to build something for you. You want us to build it with you. Border rockstars join your crew and build the future under one flag. We train your devs while getting our hands dirty.

It's not enough to simply supply dev support. Software development processes including agile and waterfall will keep your code deliveries on track. There is no one-size-fits-all process; we can help bring the best fit aspects to the table. Yeah, we have scrum masters. Certified and whatnot. Border gets your software built. Efficiently. The right way.

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Benefits and Perks

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Remote-friendly work culture

Promotes a remote working environment. It either has a remote-first or a hybrid office set up.


Unlimited time offs, work life balance & wellness benefits

Emphasises on the need for work-life balance, allows flexible work timings and offers wellness benefits.

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