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Simplify designs intelligent, secure software to help purpose-driven organizations manage, measure, improve, and report on their emissions, ESG, social impact, and sustainability performance.

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#1 Alternative

About Back

Back gives employees a one-stop shop for work-related matters – whether it's an onboarding journey, a parental leave request, or a payroll question

Manage conversations at scale

It's never been easier to stay on top of employee communication across channels. With Back's web app, your team manages incoming requests and proactive outreach in one place. Employees continue to reach you via their channel of choice, no extra login needed.

Help employees help themselves

Spend less time answering questions by letting a self-service chatbot do the heavy lifting for you. Employees access relevant information from your HR systems or internal documentation directly from Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat. You're in control of who sees what.

Automate employee journeys

Drive productivity and retention with a consistent yet personalized experience at moments that matter. Back connects your systems and empowers any team to automate work. Hit the ground running with best practice journeys and tailor them to your needs.


We offer 3 different price plans depending on the need. Pick the plan that suits you best and we'll be in touch for a tailored quote.

  • Startup For small companies looking to offer a smooth employee experience

  • Growth For medium-sized companies that want to scale their operations

  • Enterprise For large companies with advanced administration needs

You can check further details for pricing at this link

#2 Alternative

About Backlsh

BackIsh helps you analyze how much time is wasted by your employees in unproductive websites in your company!

Time Tracking

To know where your company lacks, you must analyze the non-productive hours and there we come to rescue you with various insights on how your team is working

- Computer Screenshots

Periodic screenshots provide details employee are doing their work at any moment during the day.

- Realtime Monitoring

Live reports of employees last login, current working app and online status.

- Productivity Chart & Total Time Worked

Easily measure total time worked and productive hours spent by the employee or team in the last 7 days

Project Management System

Collaborate and organize teams. Set Goals. Set a timeline for projects and meet them on time. Boost growth and productivity by managing and organizing the workflow.

- Your New Project Manager

Unleash the power of automation and AI to manage your team to grow, organize, plan and boost productivity. Backlsh is your perfect project manager.

- Project Management KPI

Manage appraisals, KRI and KPI easily. Add KRI and KPI master. The KRI reports are processed only after being verified from their respective seniors

- Set Clear Goals and Easy Communication

Backlsh ensures clarity in goals and effective communication among the team thus reducing the project failure risk by 39%


BackIsh is available for $5/user/month.

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#3 Alternative

About Beedeez

Beedeez is a platform to overcome all the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our mobile learning platform offers companies a turnkey solution to train their teams on short and fun formats. Thanks to our social learning platform you can make way for the decentralization of knowledge and turn your teams into learning communities to grow your business.


Offer an engaging experience where exchanges and sharing are at the center of the training


Offer a completely gamified and interactive environment to your learners


Take advantage of a simple and intuitive back office to easily manage all aspects of your training


Allow your employees to train where and when they want, according to the time they have


Tailor the learning experience to the needs of your employees as much as possible


Analyze the impact of your training thanks to a precise reporting interface


You can use our contact form to request a demo and details about subscriptions.

#4 Alternative

About Bondadil

Bondadil helps you find the right team-building games and activities that would bring your virtual team back together.

Order The Free “Virtual Bonding Activities Pack”

Get a list of proven virtual team-building activities from us.

Pick The Weekly Activity That Fits Your Team

Meditation, game night, or an offline-online competition?

Schedule Recurring Calendar Events & Invite Team

Make time for virtual team building every week.

Follow Instructions & Have Fun

Experience team bonding without feeling overwhelmed.


You can download our free pack of 10+ team building activities that will help your remote team to bond. You need to fill out the form to receive the pack in 24 hours.

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