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Find the best competitors to CardBoard. Check out the product information and reviews for CardBoard competitors and pick the best tool for your needs.

Best CardBoard competitors

Top CardBoard competitors include Ayoa, Collaboard and Excelway. Also find more competitors to CardBoard from the below list.

When to use CardBoard

Remote team members are an invite away. Enjoy instant collaboration from anywhere, on any device. Allow your teams to brainstorm and ideate by using the world’s #1 user story mapping tool. Whether you are doing remote work, hybrid work or all together in the same location, CardBoard will help you level up.

Competitor #1

With flexibility, neurodiversity, and imagery at its core, Ayoa is for those who want to learn, plan and work their way whilst collaborating with others.

Competitor #2

Collaboard is the secure online whiteboard - 100%GDPR compliant hosting in Europe and the option for on-premises hosting.

Competitor #3

Excelway is a visual collaboration software to facilitate virtual workshops and meetings, and manage projects.

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