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LocalBrackets is a community driven platform that offers people the opportunity to socialise with those who share their interests.

What are the top LocalBrackets Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best LocalBrackets alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About Fleep

Combining messaging with file sharing and tasks, Fleep has everything you need to coordinate your team’s work from idea to execution.

Stay connected

  • Communicate and collaborate with your team and any other Fleep user or team, without having to sign out and sign in separately.

Make plans clear

  • As discussions and decisions are made in Fleep, you can highlight the plans you've made on the conversation's Pinboard. So everyone's on the same page.

Coordinate execution

  • Every Fleep conversation has a Taskboard, where you can create tasks, assign them to the right people and track progress.


  • Pin important messages to the side of each conversation so everyone can see and edit them. Meeting notes, important links, contact details etc.

File drawer

  • In Fleep, all shared photos and files can be found in the conversation’s file drawer on the side tab, next to each conversation flow.

Presence features

  • Nowadays being online doesn't always mean you're available. This is why Fleep has Presence features instead of the usual online/offline indicators. Just check anyone's profile to see when they were last active in Fleep. You can also see who has read your messages with our Read indicators. Additionally, you can see if someone's busy writing a reply with the Writing indicator.

Audio-video calling and screensharing

  • While Fleep’s conversations are text-based, sometimes you need to have a call to discuss things. Fleep has an integration with Whereby, making it easy to have an audio or video call.


  • We get it, you already have a set of tools in place. With our integrations you can create easy to follow notification feeds in your Fleep conversations so that you'll have all the important stuff together in one place.

Fleep API

  • For advanced integrations, we have a public API. It's a full featured API that allows you to post and read messages, files, create conversations, modify members etc. Fleep API allows you to bring your ideas into reality! Check out the documentation and examples, and let us know if you need any help.


1. Plan - Basic

  • Price: €0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 1
  • Best for: Students, Friends & Communities

2. Plan- Business

  • **Price:**€5
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1
  • Best for: Small and Medium Sized Businesses

3. Plan- Enterprise

  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • User(s): Custom
  • Best for: Corporations & Large Businesses

*All prices when billed annually

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#2 Alternative

About Flock

Flock is one shared space for all your cross-functional work. Assemble your organization on Flock and start crushing your goals.


Start a direct chat or group conversation with anyone

With the entire company directory at your fingertips, you can begin a chat with just about anyone. Or, simply create a channel and get everyone to share their ideas. Use a private channel for focused discussions, or a public one to let your teammates easily discover and join meaningful conversations.

Jump onto video calls with just a click

With Flock's video conferencing tool, it's easy to connect with remote teams. Get on a video call directly from within a chat or channel and share your screen to get into details. Keep everyone on the same page - even on the go.

Share all types of files and find them easily

Need to share multiple images with your teammates? Simply drag and drop files of all types and see previews of shared files as well. Need to find a file someone shared? You can view all shared files and content in one place in Flock.

Find whatever you're looking for

Searching in Flock is blazing fast and easy. With Flock's advanced search capabilities, you can find what you’re looking for - from messages to files and links - no matter who shared it or when.

Invite guests to work with you

Need to work with vendors for your events or your PR agency, but don't want to give them access to sensitive company information? Simply add them as guests on Flock and specify the chats and channels they can access. Collaborate with everyone in one place.

Share important news and updates with the entire team

Over the moon with that big client win? With Flock, you can share the cheer with everyone via one-way Announcement channels, where only team admins can broadcast information. No more guessing whether everyone got the message!

Access your entire company directory

Still looking over your desk to find your teammates? With Flock, you have the entire company team directory at your fingertips. Even when you're offline. So, you can easily reach out to any employee in your organization.

Manage mailing lists the smart way

Sending email updates to multiple parties can be a pain. With Flock's auto-generated mailing lists, you can email an entire channel at one go. You can even manage your mailing lists the way you want. Add teammates from other channels or even people who are not on Flock!

Bookmark important messages for later

Quit scrambling and searching for that one important link or phone number in a bunch of chat messages. You can bookmark anything important - from a message to a link - and get back to it anytime later. Everything you bookmark can be viewed in one single place - My Favorites.

Organize your team the smart way

Need a channel for all software devs in the New York Office? Or a channel for everyone reporting to Mark? With Flock’s Smart Channels, you can predefine membership rules for channels. Once set, any new employee who matches the criteria will be automatically added to the channel. Jumpstart teamwork in no time.

Pick up your phone for instant audio conferencing

Running low on internet bandwidth? Or always on the go? With Flock, you can enjoy uninterrupted audio calling and conferencing with your team. Simply pick up the phone, invite your team to join a conference room via a pin on Flock, and get talking.


Convert discussions to tasks instantly

Launching a new product? You can create a channel for the project and quickly turn those discussions into tasks by creating to-dos for you and your team. Add due dates and that's it. Let the Shared To-dos bot remind you every morning of tasks due on that day. No need to chase deadlines at the last moment.

Make sure everyone gets heard

Wondering where to go for your annual offsite? Post a question on the channel, and allow users to vote anonymously. Take it up a notch and create fun, image-based polls for your team. Polls are automatically updated across channels and you can download a vote tally to get the final word.

Create notes and collaborate with your team on the go

Got a fantastic idea in the middle of a meeting? With the Notes feature, you can quickly jot down your ideas and share with your teammates. Anyone you've shared the note with can make edits, and all the changes will be updated across the chats you've shared the note in.

Missed a deadline? Never again

With Flock, you'll never miss another deadline or forget a task. Just set a reminder against any message in a chat, or via the good ol' slash commands. Oh, and reminders can be set for all channel members in one go as well.

Create and share code snippets on the go

Let your code do the talking while you share it with other members of your team. Flock automatically detects code language and syntax, making it easier for everyone to read and review your snippets.

Streamline and automate your workflows

Struggling to manage multiple processes while onboarding new employees? With Process Automation, you can simplify and automate even the most complex workflows, like reimbursement claims and IT requests. Receive real-time updates on tasks that you're a part of, right within Flock.


1. Plan - STARTER

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 1-20
  • 10,000 Searchable messages
  • 10 Public channels
  • 5 GB total per team


  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • User(s): 100+
  • Unlimited Searchable messages
  • 20 GB per team member
  • Unlimited Private & Public channels

3. Plan- PRO

  • Price: ₹199 /user
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • User(s): 20-100
  • Unlimited Searchable messages
  • Unlimited Private & Public channels
  • 10 GB per team member

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#3 Alternative

About Flujo

Flujo is a communication & collaboration suite for teams. With natively built key business essentials like messaging, AV calling, drive, meetings, tasks, calendar, notes, and kanbans, we are on a mission to create happy & productive workspaces.

Going forward, no back and forth.

  • Collaborate as you communicate at work. Experience the real power of getting work done with our Messenger.

Make your meetings more Personal

  • Not just emails, we thought of replacing your desk phone, too!

Store anything, share everything

  • Never let being low on storage distract you from doing what you do the best.

Break the cycle of bad meetings

  • We have worked really hard to make sure missing a meeting is not easy.

Put your ideas to task

  • Sometimes, all it takes to complete an assignment is a gentle nudge.

Let the cards guide you.

  • Plan, organize, collaborate effectively with Kanbans

Your writing pad at work

  • Eureka moments, quick list of todo's, minutes of meetings, or those phone numbers and addresses you sometimes have to quickly jot down—one place to rest them all.

Tac, your executive assistant

  • Your very own executive bot assistant—when it comes to loyalty, we’ve got the best in the industry.


1. Plan - Free

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 10
  • 10 guests
  • 10 Gb drive space
  • One-to-one AV

2. Plan- Pro

  • Price: $3
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Unlimited messaging
  • 100GB drive space/user
  • SAML & 2fa
  • One-to-one & Group AV

3. Plan- Enterprise

  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • User(s): Custom

*All prices when billed annually

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#4 Alternative

About Grow

A tool which celebrate team wins. It also give individuals some shine & coach in-the-flow after meetings & tasks. It also ensures every user to get automatic prompts about the activity and workflow signals they care about.

timely input… after a meeting or project.

  • Want to know what people think? The sooner the better. Get automatic prompts about the activity and workflow signals you care about.

specific input…with reminders about important events.

  • You can’t remember every important event. Get alerts and reminders at key moments when people need input.

actionable input…to double down on what works.

  • Grow in the flow with real-time input. Tags and messages highlight what’s working and what’s missing on your team.


It's free to use.

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