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About Neatro

Neatro is the online Agile retrospective platform designed to help teams improve continuously.

What are the top Neatro Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best Neatro alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About DirectSuggest

DirectSuggest is an employee suggestion box app that HR Tech News has called the next Slack and recently won Tech Breakthrough's Best Overall Design Collaboration Solution Award.

Employee feedback is an important part of creating a high-performance company and culture. At DirectSuggest we have streamlined the process so your employees can be heard and your company can leverage their collective knowledge.

DirectSuggest makes it simple for employees to make suggestions on any device with the assurance they automatically arrive to the proper decision-maker. Every employee can also collaborate on suggestions to enhance the quality of the idea.

We provide value to organizations in various industries worldwide including Comcast and TD Bank. DirectSuggest has incredibly high ROI/Savings potential with an average 33X return on investment.

DirectSuggest has following features

- Spark Innovation & Efficiency

Employee suggestions are proven to transform any organization, stimulate growth, and illuminate cost savings.

- Easy Organized Interface

Suggestions are directed to key decision makers by assigning them to Categories and Locations so nothing gets missed.

- Security Is Prioritized

We take your security seriously. We pride ourselves in going beyond industry standard with the usage of a Progressive-Web App & having a team focused on securing all system data.

- Discover Untapped Potential

Find and recognize highly engaged employees who provide value and embrace culture.

- For Any Organization

Import organization information using provided Excel CSV (.csv) templates making no business too small or large.

- Collaborate & Engage

Collaborate on suggestions through voting and commenting, enhancing the quality of the idea. Quickly implement valuable changes through spotlighting the best suggestions.


1. Plan

  • Cost: $0.50
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1

You can check further details for pricing at this link

#2 Alternative

About Idea Drop

Idea management software to help you capture and action the best ideas from your employees whenever and wherever they are.

  • Crowdsourcing Ideas. Innovation Challenges.

  • Gamification. Rewards.

  • Collaboration.

  • Communication. Real-time notifications

  • Idea Evaluation. Idea score

  • Actioning ideas. Pipeline

  • Measuring and reporting. Dashboard.

  • Team management. Groups and their owners.


Thrice per user per month charged according to the plan.

#3 Alternative

About GoRetro

Run team sprint retrospectives easily, quickly, and absolutely free for all boards, members, projects, and teams.

  • GoRetro is a completely free agile sprint retrospective tool making the entire retro process seamless, simple, fun, colorful, productive, and unlimited: boards, members, projects, team.

  • Start a retrospective meeting faster than you can make a coffee. With no login required, seamless onboarding and an intuitive user interface your team can get up and running quickly. Eliminate meeting barriers and focus on your retrospective.

  • Get equipped with a full-blown facilitation toolbox - everything you need to run effective agile retrospective meetings and achieve maximum engagement and participation. Pick a retro template and customize every aspect of the meeting to match your needs.

  • Say goodbye to juggling countless spreadsheets and tabs. Take control of your data from your existing tools and previous sprint retrospectives to speed up decision making and become a data-driven unit.

  • Reduce your signal-to-noise ratio, use GoRetro's sprint monitoring, Joker cards, sentiment analysis and more to focus on what matters and IMPROVE.

  • Rest easy knowing privacy and security is built into the fabric of GoRetro’s platform, which is SOC-2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified. Our team runs periodic penetration tests and can provide advanced security and compliance controls.

  • Focus on what matters with one less thing to worry about.


Free forever, Check out the complete pricing options for GoRetro.

Price Plan/License 1. [Premium]

  • Cost: $29
  • Duration: Month
  • User(s): team
  • Add-ons: Pay per team Unlimited public boards Advanced action items controls Retro analytics Personalized Joker cards Sprint monitoring tool

You can check further details for pricing at this link

#4 Alternative
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Free version
Developer collaboration
Design collaboration
Small teams
Team collaboration

About IdeaPod

Ideapod is a beautiful, collaborative place for all those ideas coming in from your team and your users. Give them a voice and gain priceless insights.

  • Ideanote is the innovation hub that brings the right people, structure and process together to make innovation happen in your business.

  • From global enterprises to corner markets, the most innovative brands depend on Ideanote to connect their teams, unify their innovation, and drive their business forward. With intuitive design and great idea management features, it gets you started in minutes.

  • Ideapod, a social network for sharing and evolving ideas, allows participants to create posts which may feature URLs, images, and videos, but limits the length of their post to 1000 characters (or 40 seconds, whichever comes first).

  • People are able to reply to others' posts and collaborate with each other. Its founders stated that they felt that a "140-character tweet" was too small for users to be able to explain "high-level concepts for solving world problems." They also have a feature that allows users to create their own content to share.

  • Like Twitter and Facebook, Ideapod utilizes hashtags to categorize comments.

  • The co-founders are looking to add new features as the beta continues along to increase users' abilities to collaborate and to better implement certain things.

  • The social media site also features a thing called an "idea cluster," wherein relevant ideas from other users can be found.

#5 Alternative

About Ideanote

Ideanote's all-in-one platform makes it easy to deliver efficient idea management at scale and unify your teams and customers around your innovation as your greatest lever for growth.

With Ideanote's all-in-one platform, you can create your own optimized innovation flow that continuously collects ideas from your people and makes sure the best ideas move forward.

Ask for ideas in a snap

From day one your team will love how easy it is to collect ideas for new products, increased revenue or a better culture. Invite anyone or embed our widget on your website - so no idea is left behind.

Involve the right people

Get started in minutes and turn your people into innovators one team at a time. Once you're ready, scale all the way to global innovation campaigns involving tens of thousands of customers.

Move the best ideas forward

Turn chaos into order with enterprise-grade idea management for your team. Move ideas through your fully customizable funnel, prioritize ideas like a pro and implement the best.

Automatically track your impact

Track the progress of your Innovation-Led Growth from day one. Identify top innovators, track your impact and easily communicate your innovation success with our inbuilt advanced analytics dashboard.

Save time with automations

Automate the repetitive work in seconds so you speed up your innovation and implement the right ideas faster.


Ideanote is available for forever free for 10 members to provide support to small teams looking to keep track of their ideas and boost their innovation. For bigger teams pricing is cateegorized under Business and Enterprise plans.

1. Plan: Business

  • **Price: ** Starts at $49 upto $1249
  • Duration: 1 month
  • ** User(s):** 15 upto 2500 members

2. Plan: Enterprise

  • **Price: ** Custom
  • ** User(s):** Unlimited

[You can further check on for pricing details on this link] (

#6 Alternative

About IdeaScale

IdeaScale is an innovation management solution that inspires people to take action on their ideas. Your community’s ideas can change lives, your business and the world. Connect to the ideas that matter and start co-creating the future.

IdeaScale Software

Need to harness your idea engine? We provide an idea hub to ideate, store, process and organize around your company’s best ideas.

IdeaScale Services

Need help getting started or scaling? We offer expertise to ensure success right from the start.

IdeaScale Crowds

Need ideas? We bring to you a curated group of 30,000+ problem-solvers, design-thinkers, and ideators.


You can sign up for a free IdeaScale account to get a sample of how you can find solutions to your biggest challenges with our crowdsourcing platform.

IdeaScale offers custom subscriptions and crafts pricing proposal based on your program’s necessary features, scope, and more.

You can check further details for pricing at this link

#7 Alternative

About Kudosee

Kudosee helps organizations visualize, communicate and execute strategy, in real time. Filling the gap between strategic business planning through to implementation. Aligning and transforming operations in a whole new way.

Organizations gain the ability to articulate what, where, when and how they are going to win and keep everyone focused by never diluting the plan, keeping all sides on target and ensuring accountability across the organization.

  • Make decisions with confidence

  • Align your business and teams to a shared vision and strategy

  • Enable effective and productive collaboration across your business


Kudosee is available for 1 month free with tiered pricing options starting at $99 per month for 10 users.

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