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About RandomRetros

Starting meaningful conversations doesn’t need to be difficult. Get a hand-picked Retrospective format easily and quickly.

What are the top RandomRetros Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best RandomRetros alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About Kudosee

Kudosee helps organizations visualize, communicate and execute strategy, in real time. Filling the gap between strategic business planning through to implementation. Aligning and transforming operations in a whole new way.

Organizations gain the ability to articulate what, where, when and how they are going to win and keep everyone focused by never diluting the plan, keeping all sides on target and ensuring accountability across the organization.

  • Make decisions with confidence

  • Align your business and teams to a shared vision and strategy

  • Enable effective and productive collaboration across your business


Kudosee is available for 1 month free with tiered pricing options starting at $99 per month for 10 users.

#2 Alternative

About Neatro

Neatro is the online Agile retrospective platform designed to help teams improve continuously.

A collaborative & intuitive experience

We’ve spent 3 years crafting the most productive, inclusive and enjoyable retrospective experience. With Neatro, foster psychological safety and cultivate continuous improvement.

Enjoy 25+ great retrospective templates

Neatro gathers the most popular retrospective ideas in the Agile universe.​ And creative activities you've never seen before, too.

Build actions plans that make a difference

Collectively shape efficient action items and export them to your daily task management tool.

Check your team’s health

With Team Radars, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your squad. Then find the focus of your next retrospective.

Watch your team grow

Observe trends, gain insights, and measure your team's progress in the long run.

Neatro integrates with your daily workflow

Never lose sight of your action items! Export your action items to your favorite project management tools.


Neatro provides a feature of start using Neatro with your team today with a 30-day Trial. Then enjoy their simple pricing model.

1. Plan: Premium

  • **Price: **$200
  • Duration: 1 year
  • User(s): 1 team
  • Unlimited retrospectives. Unlimited users. Priority support, and more!

2. Enterprise

  • **Price: ** Custom
  • Unlimited Users.

You can check further details for pricing at this link

#3 Alternative

About ProdCamp

With ProdCamp, capture and establish a single source of truth for all your user's feedback.

Collect and organize feedback (in a few clicks)

ProdCamp adapts to the way you collect feedback today and helps you turn it into action and impact.

Analyze user feedback

Turn feedback into features you can organize, analyze and prioritize! Identify users and account value based on your CRM data.

Prioritize your work. (it's easy!)

ProdCamp connects the dots and helps you prioritize features to inform your product roadmap with real-time insights.

Close the user feedback loop. (it's automated!)

Get back to your customer with the results. ‍ Send notifications upon releases and user feedback lifecycle events. Provide updates right inside your app, on the public roadmap and in the product changelog.


1. Plan - STARTER

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Users: 2 admins

2. Plan - GROWTH

  • Price: $29
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Users: 1 admin

3. Plan - PRO

  • Price: $59
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Users: 2 admins

4. Plan - BUSINESS

  • Price: $99
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Users: 3 admins

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#4 Alternative

About Productific

Productific is a SaaS roadmap feedback tool. We help you finding out what users really want - with feature voting and product roadmap voting.

Collect Ideas

Let your users request new features and submit ideas. They know exactly what they need, they can give you the best ideas.

Feature Voting

Collect feedback before you build new features. Identify the most attractive features and build only what your users really want.


Publish your new idea. Distribute via email campaign, post on Facebook or Twitter, just spread the word. Your customers and users will understand how that idea is of value to them.


Use data to decide on the idea. The most attractive ideas receive the most user votes. Analyze and be mindful with the data - it's your customers' voice.


Invest in the best ideas. Decide what to build based on the feedback data. Your users tell you what they want so you can take wise investment decisions: build what your customers really want.


1. Plan - Free

  • Price: 0€
  • Duration: Forever
  • Up to 20 feedback users

2. Plan - Start-Up

  • Price: 8€
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Up to 200 feedback users

3. Plan- Growth

  • Price: 16€
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Up to 1000 feedback users

4. Plan- Team

  • Price: 40€
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Up to 1000 feedback users

You can check further details for pricing on this link

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