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About RemoteHQ

RemoteHQ is an all-in-one collaborative browsing platform for remote teams that want to save time and get work done together.

What are the top RemoteHQ Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best RemoteHQ alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative


Fresco gives facilitators and educators superpowers to create experiences where participants can mingle, learn and collaborate.

Humanize the experience

Let your participants move from one conversation to another like they would in real life. You can add some games to help break the ice.

The only tool they need

Your attendees only need to use Fresco to join the call and access all your tools (digital whiteboard or any embeddable web applications).

Smooth breakouts

Customize your space with conference rooms and breakout tables. Get your participants moving and talking in smaller groups.


It's free to use and operate.

#2 Alternative

About Pesto

[Discontinued] We're on a mission to make remote work less lonely and more effective. With Pesto, you can communicate and collaborate over voice, video and messaging using your avatar to present your digital, authentic self.

1- Business-ready

  • SOC 2 Type 1 compliant (audited). Secured via WebRTC. Advanced controls for admins. SOC 2 Type 2 & ISO 27001 compliance coming soon.

2- High fidelity

  • HD video and 4k screenshare, with multiple screen shares at once. Draw on screenshare like a whiteboard.

3- Text chat

  • Chat in rooms, direct messages, or organized discussions. Emoji, file attachments, GIFs, and more.

4- Guest links

  • Invite clients, other teams, or prospective hires to a session in a Pesto room.

5- Build your appearance

  • Present your authentic self, without turning on the camera.


1. Plan - Free

  • Price: FREE
  • Duration: Free Forever
  • User(s): Unlimited

2. Plan- Standard

  • Price: $8 per user/month
  • Duration: Yearly
  • User(s): Suitable for pro users

(All prices when billed annually)

[[You can check further details for pricing at this link ]] (

#3 Alternative

About Sococo

Sococo is an online workspace where distributed teams come to work together each day, side-by-side.

No matter where team members might be. Down the hall, across campus, or halfway around the world – working in your organization’s online office is even more productive than being on the same floor or in the same room.

Overcome Distance

Sococo tears down barriers created by physical distance. Hire the best people for your team – regardless of their location. Be confident your online office magically enables innovation, increases engagement and builds trust amongst team members.

Be More Productive

In your Sococo workspace, instant collaboration occurs. No reason to ask “are you available?” or say “I’ll send you a link to meet up.” Click Get and ask your colleague to join you right now. Knock on the door to ask a quick question. Read facial expressions. Share multiple screens. Make decisions in the moment. Get work done efficiently.


1. Plan - SOCOCO

  • Price: $13.49 per seat
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Minimum 10 seats
  • Includes 500 Minutes/Seat/Month


  • Price: $24.99 per seat
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Minimum 100 seats
  • Unlimited Minutes/Seat/Month

[[You can check further details for pricing at this link ]] (

#4 Alternative

About Spot

Spot is the virtual hub for your organization– bringing the spirit and utility of being in the same physical office to a digital experience.

1- Engagement (Feel like a team again)

  • See who’s around and get a sense of what’s going on in the workplace. Have a conversation by just walking up to someone.

2- Collaboration (Meet and Collaborate)

  • Have meetings and collaborate with co-workers. Share multiple screens, embed websites, and get stuff done.

3- Security & Privacy (Maintain security and privacy)

  • Work knowing that your data is in a secure and private place. Control who can access what with a rich set of governance controls.



1. Plan - FREE

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): Upto 6
  • Up to 10 simultaneous guests
  • For small groups and communities.

2. Plan- Premium

  • Price: $17/user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Upto 50
  • For startups and small businesses
  • Up to 20 simultaneous guests

3. Plan- Enterprise

  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • User(s): Unlimited
  • Unlimited guests
  • For large companies and conferences.

You can check further details for pricing at this link

#5 Alternative
Team collaboration

About helps craft new moments of serendipity, improve your team spirit and foster communication.

1- Design Your New Office

  • Place your own desks, chairs and walls so it feels like it's yours.

2- Audio Zones

  • In you can hear and see all users that are near your bubble. Kind of like in a physical office.
  • You can manually add audio zones to increase the area where people can hear and see each other. This is typically useful in large meeting rooms.

3- Screensharing

  • Click the screensharing button to share your screen with everyone near you. Your shared screen is visible inside the floor. You can move it around using drag and drop. Resize it by dragging at the right lower corner.

4- Sticky Notes

  • Write a text on your sticky note and drag and drop it around your office. Sticky notes are commonly used for doing brain storming or for making notes in a meeting.

5- Sketchpad

  • Quickly share your ideas by drawing on the sketchpad.

6- Timers

  • Make sure that your 20 minutes update is actually only taking 20 minutes.

7- Chat

  • Open the chat window by clicking a person's name inside the left sidebar.

8- Works on all devices

  • You can run on all devices, it just needs a modern web browser.
  • When opening virtual office for the first time, you're greeted by a camera and microphone setup. This removes a lot of confusion on how to enable the camera and microphone on the first start, especially for guests. With the camera and microphone preview you can also quickly figure out what's the right device you need to pick.

9- Private Mode

  • Switch to private mode when doing feedback meetings, salary negotiations or talking about other sensitive affairs in your new office. As long as you are in private mode only people inside your meeting can hear and see you. Only when you turn private mode off, everyone can talk to you again.
  • After clicking the Private Mode button, the new lock symbol next to your user shows that your connection is private.

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