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Find the best competitors to TeamRetro. Check out the product information and reviews for TeamRetro competitors and pick the best tool for your needs.

Best TeamRetro competitors

Top TeamRetro competitors include Retrium, Retrospect and Shuffleboard. Also find more competitors to TeamRetro from the below list.

When to use TeamRetro

Secure online agile retrospectives and health checks for teams. Run meetings that are valuable each and every time. Facilitated workflow designed especially to help your teams improve decision making in a safe, engaging and collaborative way. Brainstorm individually, vote independently and create action items that are supported by the team before integrating it into your workflow. TeamRetro provides dashboard reporting and is SoC2, GDPR and Privacy compliant with the options to include SSO/SAML and API into the mix. Customisable templates, meeting timers, presentation mode, single push publications and integration with tools such as Slack, MS teams, JIra, Github, Trello and Confluence means your meetings can be even more effective.

Competitor #1

Retrium provides facilitation techniques to help your team easily run great retros with or without a facilitator.

Competitor #2

Retrospect is real-time collaboration tool for remote teams- Retrospectives, Tasks & Ideas. NEW: Notes and Lists!

Competitor #5

Sprint Boards is a modern SaaS platform for Agile developers, providing distributed teams with the tools they need to coordinate, discuss and collaborate together.

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