Technical hiring: 7 must-have skills for technical recruiters in 2022


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As COVID-19 struck the world, millions of employees quit their jobs or were forced to leave. Many had to change their careers. The pandemic certainly forced industries to undergo some rapid changes, which transformed the way how companies operate now. No change is easy. This digital mandate isn't brand new, but it's been brought to the forefront. Before the outbreak, the economic system was evolving towards service and digitization. Also, the way people spend money on digital enterprises has changed dramatically, as a result of recent events.
Amidst the intensely amplifying competition and the need for growth, companies have to find their way with top talent to survive. Especially for building and ensuring your product is up and running, technical hiring is the most crucial requirement. The question is, how can technical recruiters get their hands on the talents they need? What must they do to make this happen?

What is Technical Hiring?

The answer to “what is technical hiring?” is quite simple yet very hard. It involves recruiting skilled individuals for positions in technology and IT. Technical recruiters for all tech and IT-related jobs must have a deep understanding of the tech terminology besides skills like programming.
Some of the most effective methods of recruiting tech talent include investing in advertising locally and online; joining tech-related forums and networks; and joining a tech recruitment specialist providing a competitive employment package.

Why is Technical Hiring Challenging Today?

Braintrust's evaluation revealed that tech roles comprised 29% of the 150,000+ (1 out of 3) knowledge worker openings. The most recent data from CompTIA USA states that there was an almost 59% rise in technical hiring in the first half of 2022 as compared to the same period last year. June 2022 saw an increase of 160,000 core-tech workers across the economy.
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Furthermore, more and more businesses are turning into tech companies. This means that recruitment is happening across all sectors. Industrial and consumer businesses are currently experiencing the most extensive skills shortages apart from the technology sector. Hence, tech recruiting has become quite significant. But before we move ahead, let’s first understand what technical recruiting is.

Top 7 Skills Technical Recruiters Need to Ace Their Hiring

1. Technical knowledge

Assessing a candidate's technical abilities will be an easy task if you have an engineering background. Yet, having a good understanding of a business's tech trends is crucial. And a high-level understanding of different technologies is a vital skill. As a technical recruiter, you must learn the tools of the trade better than the common people. Some of the most common tools are ATS, email software, word processing software, etc.

2. People skills

People skills are a strong suit of the top technical recruiters and in fact all the people involved in the hiring journey. You must know how to listen, establish partnerships, trust, and relationships, settle disputes, and consult with others. They are aware of what potential employees expect from your business. And not to forget — their talents can help your company organize employee acknowledgement programs. They can also help develop strategies to keep in touch with your current staff.

3. Sourcing

Technical recruiters should know the best practices for developers. An exceptional developer is often recruited right after graduating and is usually paid well when he switches to another company. Some want technical recruiters to take a risk that no one has taken before. Platforms like GitHub and StackOverflow are great places to discover top tech talent. Recruiters also need to ensure they are posting their jobs on the most popular job sites and adding detailed descriptions to them.

4. Screening

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A simple glance through a CV or online profile doesn't give all the information needed for technical hiring today. Undoubtedly, a CV or resume provides a good insight into their skills and experience. However, it can not test their analytical and problem-solving skills as well as their teamwork skills. It is important to know their understanding of the unique challenges that an organization faces. It is easier to assess the candidate's level of skills and expertise using technology-based recruitment tools.

5. Handling recruitment team

The talent team finds, obtains, analyzes, and hires candidates to fill the open positions within an organization. Talent acquisition involves discovering and recruiting skilled people to meet the needs of your organization.
Hiring talent needs to be a proactive process. The talent team considers the potential employee's career path instead of hiring someone to merely fill an open position inside the organization. Talent acquisition, therefore, ensures that the business must choose candidates who may eventually become managers and senior managers inside the business.
The recruiting and interviewing process begins with the candidate's arrival and ends with their employment. It is a process that the talent acquisition department must assist candidates through. Their first goal is to prevent employees from being lost, and their second goal is to ensure that applicants are hired. As a result, finding talent involves more than just filling available positions. It also involves developing a long-term plan to fill future vacancies.
Furthermore, talent acquisition teams are accountable for keeping important employees in place and keeping high morale among their employees.

6. Talented solutions

Organizations must optimize talent strategies to accomplish their strategic plans as technology disruption and a growing talent shortage make workforce needs more complex. The answer is talented solutions.
Talented solutions offer a variety of customized solutions for the interconnected aspects of your organization's culture. These could range in scopes, such as hiring, retention, interim professional management, team planning, leadership and attrition, project management, and many more.
Talented solutions assist companies in changing their methods of sourcing, managing, and growing their workforces, ensuring that they have the most qualified talent in the present day and in the future.

7. Talent acquisition strategy

A strong talent acquisition strategy also helps tech recruiting companies save their investments in technical hiring and training lousy recruits. This saves time, effort, and money that otherwise would have been spent preparing weak candidates while increasing production.

Tech recruiting companies hiring the most tech talent


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AllRemote is the best-in-class remote tech recruiting company that is well established in the market. It helps companies find worthy employees and lets people find the right job for them. Till now, all the companies have been happy with their recruitment made via AllRemote. Needless to say, many people are content with the remote job they have found with AllRemote. AllRemote is a remote tech recruiting name that can be trusted with closed eyes.


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A global leader in workforce solutions, Adecco offers flexible and permanent placement. It also offers outsourcing and managing services to businesses in every sector. It's a company with tens of thousands of employees. It has a culture of creativity, passion, and openness to new ideas. In the HR and recruiting industry and beyond, Adecco offers part-time jobs, flexible schedules, and freelance, temporary, and hybrid positions. Adecco offers a variety of benefits to eligible partners as a part of its commitment to staff well-being. They offer flexible working arrangements. Also, they help companies and job applicants navigate the changing world of work. They have expertise in "individual employability," organizational advising, and talent transformation.

Bridge Technical Talent

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Bridge Technical Talent connects businesses by bringing together IT experts that can fulfill a business' particular IT needs. Bridge Technical Talent provides IT expertise in a range of industries. Its focus is on the banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, software development, manufacturing, and e-commerce industries.


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Randstad, a global network for freelancers, speeds up the process of recruiting. It uses the most advanced AI technology. It recruits employees in various fields, including accounting, marketing, HR, human resources, healthcare, and call centers.

Kelly Services

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Kelly Services, established in 1946, is a US-based employment agency. They've developed into a global corporation with an experience of 70 years. Kelly offers jobs and solutions for workers in various industries. They are experts in science, IT engineering, finance, and science. They offer permanent and temporary employment to 90 percent of Fortune 100 firms and small businesses.

Zigsaw Consultancy

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Zigsaw Consultancy is India's most rapidly growing recruitment firms. They have their focus on human resources. Zigsaw works with various organizations to meet their technical hiring needs with the least amount of effort, in the best way, and in the shortest time. Zigsaw provides complete recruitment solutions to assist employers in finding the "best-fit" applicants. With its stronghold in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, Zigsaw has been operating in all the major Indian cities.
Zigsaw has a broad range of customized hiring options. They also guarantee the fastest turnaround time. Furthermore, Zigsaw provides a FREE Hiring Model to connect with SMEs.

Technical recruiting becomes even more difficult for remote companies

The need for tech professionals is growing day after day as the world becomes more dependent on technology. The growth of a company's story is significantly reliant on its employees. What makes the team excellent is the journey its members take together. The hiring of the right individuals is the initial step towards success. The success of a startup depends on the results of technical hiring efforts. Engineers and developers help create a fantastic company. Though this is exactly what each startup hopes for, it's much more difficult to accomplish. There are myriad challenges to realizing this dream. Let's examine the problems employers are currently facing in technical hiring.

Finding qualified candidates

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The demand for IT professionals is growing faster than the supply of skilled developers. It is difficult for companies to find tech-savvy candidates. This is partly due to the lack of applicants who have soft skills, experience, and higher education and the inability to meet the need for tech professional knowledge.

Intense competition with other companies

Every organization wants to hire the best staff. It isn't easy to come by, which eventually results in fierce competition among firms. When big companies enter the market regularly, it becomes difficult for smaller organizations to make competent hires. Due to the shortage of IT workers, businesses have to compete for the best applicants. A candidate no longer has to settle for the first job they find. They now have the choice of selecting the company that offers the most sought-after job.

Unreliable candidates

It is important not to take anything as a given when looking to hire a software developer. Consider the relationship with potential candidates, for example. There is a chance that the candidate will not be "faithful" to the deal you offer them. Many will try to solicit offers from multiple companies and then stall you.
This conduct still seems reasonable. Certain people may even decide to make use of your offer to negotiate a better price elsewhere. If you're not interested in knowing the reason behind such behavior and the consequences, it's hard to prevent it from occurring.
This leads to a lower chance of applicants receiving a job offer after having received one. In this situation, recruiters face difficulties as it leads to the waste of their time and energy. The technical recruiters continually exhaust their resources on such candidates while simultaneously pursuing other applications for the same job.

Having the ability to evaluate

The lack of the necessary technical skills, or knowledge and skills, in the current team members is a common and unacknowledged issue when recruiting for the technology sector. It is important to have tech expertise when analyzing developers. Lack of it often leads to a lower standard of performance.
Many HR departments might not have the necessary tech knowledge to assess developers. They often rely on basic search engine matching. A bad hiring decision can lead to high opportunity costs.

The internal tech team has limited bandwidth

To evaluate the hiring process, many developers employed by the company will probably have to take part in the hiring process. This includes the concern about the lack of tech skills in the hired tech team. Due to this, less time is allocated to designing the product. This is a tough decision to make due to the significance of the time spent by a developer in the context of a growing startup.
In conclusion, with such a high need, tech-driven exits are expected to continue unless employers provide them with competitive pay, significant benefits, remote work options, along with training and development.

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