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Whether you are in charge of an enormous team with thousands of people or a small one with just five employees, you know what value each employee brings to the table and how important they are to fulfil the company’s vision and mission. Showering your employees with gifts- big or small is a crucial activity that can show how much you love and value your employees for their contributions. With over 40 creative gift ideas for employees, we can help you say "thank you" in a way that doesn't include pricey gift baskets or cheap trinkets.

Why do gift ideas for remote employees matter so much?

1. They are a token of appreciation

Corporate gift ideas for employees matter as they are a way of applauding your employees. The business can show its appreciation and forge closer ties with its stakeholders by offering a gift.
A kind act can go a long way in building good relationships, whether it's a subtle sign of appreciation or an extravagant present. Additionally, it can promote an atmosphere of gratitude and corporate loyalty.

2. Help you spread brand awareness

Personalized gift ideas for employees can promote brand awareness.
A functional and appealing product with a company's emblem can boost brand recognition, bring in new clients, and improve the business's reputation. Corporate swag can also assist in promoting the brand's identity by selecting presents consistent with the organization's beliefs and objectives.

3. Aids you in creating goodwill

Goodwill and favorable perceptions of the firm can be fostered through thoughtful gift ideas for remote employees. It can enhance interactions with customers and staff, fostering greater loyalty and a better reputation.
You may enhance relationships and create a sense of trust by genuinely caring about the welfare of your clients and staff. As a result, there may be more referrals, repeat business, and loyalty. Additionally, it might enhance the public's perception of the company.

4. For the celebration of milestones

Corporate gifts for remote employees can be given to commemorate important events like a company's anniversary or a retiring employee. This can strengthen the company's principles and culture and foster a sense of community.

5. Helps in motivating remote employees

Employee incentives such as presents are another effective tool to motivate employees. You may encourage your employees to keep giving top-notch work by praising and rewarding their effort and success.
This can raise spirits, boost output, and lower turnover. A loyalty gift can also demonstrate the company's appreciation for its staff, creating a more favorable work atmosphere.

The best gift ideas for remote employees

1. Home office upgrades

Many employees are setting up home offices, with remote work becoming more common. Consider gifting your employees items to improve their workspaces, such as ergonomic chairs or adjustable standing desks.

Why is home office upgrades good gift ideas for remote employees?

They are excellent gift ideas as they will help your remote employee feel more comfortable in their home office, thereby increasing productivity and enhancing relationships.

2. Headphones

A decent headset can make long video conferences and phone calls more comfortable. The Jabra Evolve 75 is one of those headphones that offer active noise cancellation.

Why are headphones good gift ideas for remote employees?

This two-in-one gadget can help your gift recipient sound better in conferences, hear others more clearly, and block out irritating sounds.

3. E-learning programs

Many employees may desire to pursue further education or learn more about a particular subject but cannot do so for various reasons.
You can introduce many e-learning platforms to your workforce. It would give your staff a chance to learn and the impression that you care.
Online courses are frequently offered by businesses to their staff members to advance their knowledge in their fields of specialization. Employees should be free to select the area of their choice.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

This is one of the finest gift ideas for remote employees because it allows them to work and pursue a course at the same time, keeping them satisfied with the company.
Give them the learning programs as gifts. Because they don't have to commute to the office daily, remote workers can rapidly begin taking those classes. They can start the lessons as soon as their working hour is over.

4. Webcam

You'll observe remote workers attending meeting after meeting, hooked to their phones or laptops the entire time. A decent webcam is required because you cannot cut corners when working.
See? Isn't this the perfect gift idea for employees?

Why are webcams good gift ideas for remote employees?

Nobody enjoys watching their employees' blurry images during a meeting that is being streamed live. Everyone must have their devices ready for a formal meeting.
Therefore, having one of the high-quality cameras will improve Zoom meetings.

5. Succulents

Succulents are considered low-maintenance houseplants and make beautiful gifts for your remote employees. These can survive with little water, making them well-suited for indoor environments.
And their ability to retain water is thought to be remarkable.
Because of their tiny size, succulents should always be considered excellent gift ideas for remote employees.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

The color green is excellent for reviving your employee's eyes and intellect. Succulents are also said to bring luck, so giving them as a gift to your remote staff will convey your best wishes.
Therefore, placing it on the desk, next to a window that receives sunlight, can brighten the space and bring the employee some luck.

6. A smartwatch

Since a wristwatch is essentially a smartphone on your wrist, it is instrumental.
Whatever you do from home, you can continue to access your work emails and remain on top of any important notifications.

Why are smartwatches good gift ideas for remote employees?

Some smartwatches are fantastic fitness trackers that help people keep track of their workout routines and promote wellness.

7. Spa day essentials

Give your remote workers everything they need for a luxurious spa day at home!
A lavender soap bar, body scrub, body oil, shower mist, clay mask, lip balm, soy candle, luffa, and a greeting card with a brief message are all meaningful things you can include in a wellness gift for your remote employees.
Spa day gift baskets inspire your remote workers to focus on their well-being and engage in self-care.

Why will remote workers appreciate this?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, mainly when working remotely, can be challenging at times. Your remote employees may unwind, relax, and revitalize themselves with spa day kits.

8. Customized coffee mugs

You can personalize a reusable coffee cup with the name of an employee or your company's emblem. For safer sipping, pick a premium model with tempered glass that won't break and a lid that won't leak. For a modest charge, many businesses create personalized mugs and tumblers so that the company's employees can drink from a cup that suits them.

Why are they good employee appreciation gifts

Water, coffee, juice, or tea- there is one drink your employee is bound to take at least a few times in the day. Gifting them a mug they can use to drink their favorite drink every day can be a subtle way to always remind employees of your appreciation for them.

9. A snack box

Teams working remotely who have easy access to the kitchen chow down on whatever snacks they can find.
When working from an office, the desires are less intense because there are rules to follow. It is not acceptable for workers to continuously chew on food throughout the day.
This restriction does not apply when employees are at home or elsewhere.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

An employee's desire for continuously munching makes a snack box the ideal present.
Pastries? Cheese, cheddar?
These snack trays would contain everything they require.

10. Desk lamp

Eye strain and headaches are caused by poor illumination. An excellent desk lamp can significantly improve the experience of remote workers working in the morning, late at night, or during gloomy winter days.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

When choosing a desk lamp, consider its size, appearance, adjustability, brightness (which depends on the bulb type—you want an LED light), and ease of power connection. This will help your remote employees to concentrate better without any strain.

11. A neck pillow

Even though they don't come into the office, remote employees still need to work from a dedicated workspace.
A chair is a necessary piece of equipment, but spending a lot of time in the same position for five days a week is exhausting and unhealthy.
Hence, your neck suffers the most.
As a result, every remote worker requires a neck cushion.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

It does play a reasonably good role, in fact, stress and backache are inevitable after eight hours of continuous sitting in a chair.
A neck pillow is an appropriate gift for remote employees because the neck also needs rest.

12. Seat cushion

By seat cushion, we don't mean a standard seat cushion (although they can be great too). We're referring to a seat cushion that supports your remote employees' tailbone, hips, and lower back. The advantage of such a seat pillow is that it is far less expensive than an ergonomic chair.

Why are seat cushions good gift ideas for remote employees?

Memory foam, which conforms to the curve of your bottom, makes the most extraordinary ergonomic seat pillows. They warm up in response to your body heat, have a removable cover for simple cleaning, and either include a strap or a non-slip region to keep them firmly attached to your chair.

13. Home office essential box

Everyone requires a suitable workspace to operate remotely. The list goes on and on. It includes the most typical items like desk lamps, standing desks, desk organizers, calendars, notebooks, pens, water bottles, and so on.
These are necessary for staff to function efficiently.
Employees who work remotely must have a structured workspace. Since they are not physically present at the office, they should establish a home office that is functionally equivalent to the office.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

They will remain motivated if you do this. Now, one needs to have all the items specified above to set up a good office. Who can work without a notepad or a desk organizer?
Nobody does, which makes the home office essential box a present that merits consideration.

14. Gift cards

Gift cards are currently one of the most incredible gift ideas for remote employees.
Everyone will enjoy a gift card. The idea behind a gift card is simple: it gives the recipient money to spend however they like.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

Everyone enjoys them. Who wouldn't want to have the option to get whatever they want for themselves without even having to pay for it?
Additionally, remote workers might not feel like leaving their desks to go shopping. These gift cards will be helpful in that situation because they are only a click away.

15. Air purifiers

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Do any of your remote employees live in a city with less-than-ideal air quality?
Wouldn't it be great if dust, smoke, pollen, and odors were removed from the air in their home office?
How is that even possible?
The answer is a good air purifier.
There are numerous shapes and sizes of air purifiers. When purchasing one for your home office, consider the size (a larger space requires a giant purifier), check to see if it can be quickly recharged, and consider the filter you want to use. Genuine HEPA filters remove most particles. However, carbon filters are also effective.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

Air purifiers make good gifts as they constantly remind your employees of your concern for their well-being. Breathing in the fresh air can help them fight common ailments and stay healthier thereby making them more productive.

16. Ebooks

Because they use their devices for work all day, employees are more at ease using their phones and computers.
One of your employees receives a book as a gift; they may enjoy it, but the issue is that they can only access it whenever they want if they keep it with them.
It is not so feasible. Ebooks are helpful in this case.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

Your staff would adore receiving a kindle subscription with a wide selection of books instead of just one conventional book as it is more convenient to use anywhere they are.

17. A commuter cup

Even when working remotely, your staff members may still commute occasionally to pick up the kids from school or make it to appointments. The commuter cup is the ideal travel companion because it has a spill-proof design and an insulated stainless interior that roughly keeps hot drinks heated for up to five hours and cold drinks cold for up to 18 (timings may vary from brand to brand).

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

Many remote workers operate in their home offices for long periods, so having a cup that maintains their drinks at the right temperature is essential.

18. A digital health and wellness program

These workplace health programs will only help if employees work from home or any other location instead of going to the office.
When that happens, the digital platform can help.
Employees have access to the platform whenever they want through remotely held programs.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

Remote workers can schedule walks or workout sessions that they would not usually bother about otherwise.
You may also run competitions on these platforms for your staff to win fitness points and gift cards.
This might be a gift given to your staff in exchange for their adhering to a straightforward wellness regimen.

19. Subscription

Because of the less frequent workplace interactions, remote work can get somewhat chaotic.
And one could feel alienated.
Additionally, one should take little rests between tasks, and what could be better than viewing something intriguing during those breaks?
Netflix, Amazon, and other video services are now available to satisfy the rising demand.

Why are they good gift ideas for remote employees?

On these platforms, tens of thousands of television programs and movies are broadcast. One can be delighted by receiving a subscription to one of the above-mentioned platforms as a gift.

20. Gift them an experience

Gifts for employee recognition don't necessarily have to be tangible items. Experiential gifts are a fantastic alternative to material gifts for appreciating your remote workers in a special and original way. Experience-based presents can take the form of vacation time, paid time off in addition to regular hours, massage gift cards, or cooking classes.
These events can also be tailored so your remote worker can enjoy them with their significant other, their family, or even as part of their impending vacation.

Why will remote workers adore this?

Sharing experiences is a terrific approach to forging deeper bonds with your remote coworkers. Although tangible presents are great, experiences give your staff members a chance to try something new, indulge themselves, and discover new hobbies.

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