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Almost all of us changed how we think about our careers and all thanks to remote work. Opportunities to earn more while working full-time from your home have never been more accessible, and previously unavailable high-paying remote positions are now within grasp. Now, you can easily grab a remote job with no experience. Today, you can easily avail a remote job with no degree.
According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 55% of employees intend to work at least three days from home after the pandemic, and 83% of employers think remote work has been good for their business. A report by Upwork predicts that by 2025, 36.2 million Americans, which is an 87% rise than it was before the outbreak, will be employed remotely.
Salary ranges of in-demand remote jobs may differ by state, city, job title, and level of expertise. That is why knowing where to search for a remote job that appeals to you and pays you well is quite difficult. We’ve listed the top 20 highest-paying remote jobs in 2022.

Top 20 highest-paying remote jobs 2022

1. Medical Director

Average base salary - $192,098
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The medical director's post is one of our list's highest-paying remote jobs. As an organization's medical director, you’ll be in charge of making sure that a healthcare facility operates effectively and efficiently. You will collaborate closely with all team members to raise quality while assisting in cost-cutting.

2. Information Security Manager

Average base salary - $141,000
The information security manager is our list's second highest-paying remote jobs. Your role will be crucial in the security and IT departments since information security managers are said to be the brains of their organizations. Your primary goal will be to manage the information security team and IT personnel. You have to build and implement strategic security plans, address security breaches, handle all the operations and keep everyone safe. Your job is to protect your organization from cyber attacks, threats, and theft.

3. Network Architect

Average base salary - $126,520
When we talk about the highest-paying remote jobs, network architect comes third. It is one of those high-demand remote jobs where your responsibility is to plan, design, and implement a data communication network as per the organization's needs. Once implemented, you must keep an eye on the network and carry out network modeling operations to determine future requirements.
You must be well-informed about IT infrastructure, system design, system integration, troubleshooting, problem-solving and other areas.

4. Cloud Engineer

Average base salary - $122,170
As a cloud engineer, you will have to develop, implement, and manage cloud-based technologies for your company. You must deploy and troubleshoot systems and carry out new cloud initiatives. You may have to work with different IT professionals and teams to ensure that the cloud computing systems meet the requirements of the company and the customers. Its attractive pay scale makes it the fourth highest-paying remote job.

5. Actuary

Average base salary - $111,491
Actuaries play a critical role in the insurance industry. As an actuary, you need to analyze the monetary costs of risk and uncertainty using statistics, mathematics, and financial theory.  An actuary works with clients and companies to create policies that lower the cost of that risk. The actuary is the fifth highest-paying remote job on our list.

6. Data Scientist

Average base salary - $100,410
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This post ranks sixth on the highest-paying jobs on our list. Data scientists are considered to be relatively new players in companies. They blend mathematics and computer science, making them the new generation of analytical data experts.
As a data scientist, you will need programming, analytical, and statistical skills to collect large data sets. One of the key responsibilities of a data scientist is to produce data-driven solutions to meet the specific needs of the company.

7. Clinical Trial Manager

Average base salary - $95,292
Clinical trial management is a part of this position. Some responsibilities include finding patients for studies, ensuring trials go well, analyzing trial outcomes, verifying compliance with safety requirements, modifying trial structures, and more. You must be well-versed in medicine and have the necessary training. This post lands at the seventh position of highest-paying jobs in our list. Its attractive salary makes it one of the best remote jobs in 2022.

8. Software Developer

Average base salary - $94,077
Software developer lands eighth place as the highest-paying remote jobs. And the attractive salary makes it one of the best remote jobs in 2022. As a software developer, you will be tasked with creating software for both commercial and consumer use. It is necessary to work closely with clients to identify their needs, followed by the development of programs using computer languages like Java or C++. You should be able to think critically and solve problems effectively.

9. Financial Manager

Average base salary - $91,014
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The financial manager ranks in ninth place of highest-paying remote job. As a financial manager, you are responsible for maintaining the financial stability of a company. You have to produce precise data analyses and offer top management profit-maximizing suggestions to ensure the company's long-term success. You are responsible for providing financial reports, evaluating financial data to administrative staff, and suggesting further courses of action.

10. Research Engineer

Average base salary - $89,291
You will get to work in the Research & Development divisions of various sectors, such as organizations, government agencies, or academic institutions. As a research engineer, your job is to create goods, procedures, or technologies for your employer. To do this, you must collect pertinent information, data, or samples, analyze your study and experiment, and come up with the best, most unique, and original ideas.

11. Human Resource Director

Average base salary - $88,348
As a human resource director, your job is to create business strategies for many HR issues like pay, benefits, health, safety, etc. You will also be responsible for supporting the business's human component by developing plans for staffing, training, development, performance evaluation, etc. A human resource director monitors all HR programs and strategies and ensures that all procedures go smoothly and effectively. Its top-notch salary makes this post one of the best remote jobs in 2022.

12. Sales Director

Average base salary - $86,087
As a sales director, you must oversee your company's sales operations. The sales director is one of the high-paying remote jobs. A sales director develops strategies, tactics, or actions to boost sales growth. Implementing these strategies successfully to reach the company's financial goals is important. Achieving annual goals, relationship building, and identifying customer trends are some of the duties you have to fulfill as a sales director.

13. Statistician

Average base salary - $84,366
A statistician analyzes numerical data to identify trends and patterns that can aid planning and decision-making within an organization. You will serve as a consultant, creating and deploying computer software. As a statistician, you will work with various departments to acquire data, such as cost and production figure data, sales data, and data on the supply and demand of products. The statistician is one of the high-paying remote jobs.

14. Business Development Manager

Average base salary - $83,844
As a business development manager, you will be in charge of the growth and development of your department. This one is one of the high-paying remote jobs. You will collaborate with your sales staff to create ideas that are advantageous to both parties, negotiate the conditions of contracts, and engage with stakeholders effectively. You will be responsible for creating growth strategies prioritizing customer satisfaction and financial gain.

15. Web Developer

Average base salary - $78,934
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Web development is one of the high-demand remote jobs. As a web developer, your responsibility is to design and develop websites. Your job is to ensure that sites live up to user expectations by ensuring that sites look beautiful, function well, and provide simple access points without loading problems between web pages or error messages.

16. Marketing Director

Average base salary - $71,463
The role of a marketing director is to manage all aspects of campaign development and its effective implementation. The Marketing Director is one of the in-demand remote jobs. You will be in charge of planning, conducting analyses, and managing your team while ensuring that interactions with clients and co-workers go well from beginning to end. Creating and structuring marketing events or activities will also be part of your responsibilities.

17. Cybersecurity Analyst

Average base salary - $70,745
As a cybersecurity analyst, you must assist in designing and implementing security measures to defend your organization's computer networks from cyberattacks. Your job responsibilities include installing security measures and software, such as firewalls and data encryption tools, to safeguard systems and information infrastructure.

18. Art Director

Average base salary - $69,391
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As an art director, you will create and uphold a creative vision that appeals to the reader, audience, or users. You will lead teams of designers working on creative and imaginative tasks like graphic design, marketing, and film and television advertising. But for this job you must create drafts, storyboards, and art layouts based on unique concepts and ideas, knowing your target market, strategic positioning, and marketing initiatives.

19. Customer Success Manager

Average base salary - $54,835
As a customer success manager, you must be a strategic and helpful partner for your consumers at every level of the purchasing process. You must be committed to fostering loyalty by providing product information, resolving customer difficulties, and assisting the sales teams with upsells and renewals to ensure long-term retention.

20. Content Writing

Average base salary - $52,518
Content writing may sound like an easy remote job but that is not true at all. A content writer creates interesting and informative content to promote a brand's products and services. You must create the highest-quality written or graphic content possible, from blog posts to press releases, and write on various topics. Content writing is one of the high-demand remote jobs.

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