Data Scientist Job Description

Data Scientist job description will consist of the role, responsibilities, qualifications and technical or soft skills required



A Data Scientist assists in finding the knowledge concealed in vast amounts of data and making wiser decisions so that companies can deliver even better products. Applying data mining techniques, performing statistical analysis, and developing high-caliber prediction systems connected with the products are the main areas of attention.


  • Building models that are both predictive and prescriptive that could benefit the company
  • Analyze historical data statistically to verify models
  • Organize and lead all data analysis tasks, including conceptualization, visualization, optimization, and operationalization to improve product, marketing, and business strategies.
  • Meeting and exchanging ideas with engineers, IT teams, and other interested stakeholders to implement models and monitor outcomes
  • Improving data collection methods to incorporate information needed for creating analytical systems


  • Proven experience as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst

  • Proficiency in database query languages such as SQL, Hive, Pig, Python, R

  • Advanced proficiency in programming and machine learning methods like k-Nearest Neighbors, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Forests

  • Hands-on experience with data visualization tools like Matplotlib, ggplot, D3.js., Tableau

  • Strong mathematical skills such as statistics, multivariable calculus, and linear algebra

  • Experience using web services like Redshift, Spark, DigitalOcean, etc.

  • Experience in statistical and data mining techniques such as GLM/Regression, Boosting, Trees, Random Forest, text mining, Facebook Insights, Google Analytic etc.

Soft Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking
  • Possess problem solving attitude


  • Familiarity with Scala, Java or C++

Promotion Stage

Senior/Lead Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Architect, Enterprise Architect

Salary Range (in USD)

$82,000 - $200,000 per year


  • BA/BSc in computer science and engineering
  • An advanced degree, Phd in applied mathematics, computer science, statistics or similar is preferred

Reports To

Senior/Lead Data Scientist

Key Skills

SQL, R, Java, Python, C++

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