Amazon WorkSpaces Competitors

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Find the best competitors to Amazon WorkSpaces. Check out the product information and reviews for Amazon WorkSpaces competitors and pick the best tool for your needs.

Best Amazon WorkSpaces competitors

Top Amazon WorkSpaces competitors include Prianto's Remote Desktop Solution, Paperspace and Shells.com. Also find more competitors to Amazon WorkSpaces from the below list.

When to use Amazon WorkSpaces

The Amazon WorkSpaces family of solutions provides the right virtual workspace for varied worker types, especially hybrid and remote workers. Improve IT agility and maximize user experience, while only paying for the infrastructure that you use.

Competitor #1

The ready-to-use and out-of-the-box solution (all opensouce components) ensures that your employees can access any existing (!) Windows devices (physical PCs, Windows Terminal Servers (RDSH), any VMs,…) located in the corporate network from their homes.

Competitor #3

Shells helps you transform any device into a powerful, secure virtual desktop. Whether you want to code or create on your tablet or do your work on your TV, with Shells you can unlock the full performance and experience of a desktop computer on any device.

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