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About Projectsly

Projectsly is a project management software helps manage growing teams' tasks and projects easily with one centralized location.

What are the top Projectsly Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best Projectsly alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is the story-based product management tool that makes collaboration easy and keeps cross-functional agile teams in sync.

Stories define your project

  • Every project starts with a story, no matter what you're building. Tracker helps your team better develop and keep track of them while they progress from start to delivered.


  • Get predictable and stay that way: Say goodbye to managing timelines and meeting unrealistic expectations, and let velocity do the planning.


  • Set up your perfect space: use multi-project workspaces to view your projects side-by-side and juggle various responsibilities on one screen.


  • Don't miss a thing: configure notifications to get the updates and messages you need, when you want them, at your desk or on the move.

Mentions and Following

  • User mentions are where it's @: bring people into story conversations with simple @mentions, and follow stories you're involved with or interested in.


  • Find what you need: powerful search syntax supports nested Boolean expressions. Save common searches for later, or share them with the team.

File Sharing

  • Enhance your stories: drag-and-drop mock-ups, presentations, and other files from your computer, or attach them from Google Drive.


  • Make a big to-do (or a small one): keep your story duties in line with a simple checklist and revel in the joy of checking them off the list.


  • Put a label on it: organize and monitor stories with searchable labels to make your workflow more visible and call out stories that deserve attention.

Story Blockers

  • Watch out for roadblocks: Story blockers help make project impediments highly visible so your team can collaborate to resolve them.


  • Build the perfect beast: Tracker's functionality is exposed via the REST API, allowing you to create a variety of tools and integrations.

Project History

  • Follow the breadcrumb trail: view everything that's happened in a project from day one to see how code changes are mapped to product decisions.


1. Plan - FREE

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 1-5 collaborators
  • 5 project limit

2. Plan- STARTUP

  • Price: $10 monthly flat rate
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 6-10 collaborators
  • Unlimited projects


  • Price: $6.50 per collaborator, per month
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 11+ collaborators
  • Unlimited projects


  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • User(s): Custom

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#3 Alternative

About Podio

Build powerful low-code business solutions to customize work and communication.


  • All the stuff in your daily work life that you wish could just go somewhere for your team to see, you can put on Podio. We’ll give it structure to help your team work better; less distractions, less confusion – more focus and clarity.

Content, context and conversations in one place.

  • Whether you’re completing a design project, or closing a sales lead – getting everything related to the job on one page, instantly makes collaboration easier. Attach files, view the status and add comments – everything’s updated in real time.

A progress update at a glance or a dive into the details.

  • There’s no cracks for pieces of your projects to fall through here. From simple tables to dynamic card boards, choose the view that best visualizes your work – and create reports that keep you up to date on your progress.

Our shared friends.

  • Podio works seamlessly with many of the most popular file-sharing services, customer support products and marketing tools – to be the platform that ties all your team’s work together. Here are just a few of the products that integrate with Podio.

The open-plan online office

  • We believe that transparency is not only helpful for organizing your work, it also makes work more engaging and enjoyable. Podio is designed to increase sharing and peer-recognition to foster great team cultures.

Real, human support.

  • We do support a little differently. Everyone at Podio answers support questions – from our dedicated customer care team to our lead developer. We enjoy it and take pride in it. You get fast, quality answers to your questions – and we gain valuable insights to guide future improvements.

Completely connected, entirely searchable.

  • Logging in to five systems every morning just to get work done is no fun at all. Every Podio feature helps you consolidate content and communications into one easily searchable tool, that’s available anywhere.

File Sharing

  • Integrated into every area of Podio is the ability to share files in context to what you’re working on.

Task Management

  • Tasks in Podio help you break down projects and workflows into easily managed pieces.

Mobile Apps

  • Wherever your workday takes you, the Podio apps for iOS and Android will keep you coordinated with your team.

Podio API

  • Developers – build on the Podio Platform to create custom integrations and even new apps.


  • Add-ons for Podio, built for specific use-cases. Everything from Gantt charts to time tracking.

Feature Index

  • See all the features that make for practically endless possibilities, for your team and Podio.


1. Plan - FREE

  • Price: $0/month
  • Duration: month
  • User(s): 5

2. Plan- PLUS

  • Price: $ 11.20 /month
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Not Disclosed

3. Plan- PREMIUM

  • Price: $ 19.20 /month
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Not Disclosed

(All prices when billed annually) You can check further details for pricing on this link

#4 Alternative

About ProProfs Project

Easy to use online project management tool you'll love.

Ease of Collaboration

  • Easily bridge the communication gap and collaborate in real-time with different departments to share ideas, files, and discuss projects to avoid unnecessary delays.

Anytime, Anywhere

  • With 24x7 remote access, get real-time status of your projects and never miss a deadline. Prioritize tasks for effective task delegation & enhanced productivity.

Efficient Risk Mitigation

  • Generate smart reports & advanced analytics to identify potential bottlenecks and enhance your risk mitigation strategies.

Single Dashboard

  • See & track all your projects as a bird’s-eye view. Plan & schedule tasks, assign resources, and define priorities with ease.

Accurate Time Tracking

  • Track billable hours on projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. Improve delivery & budget estimates over time.

Ready-to-Use Templates

  • Get started quickly with expert-designed templates for various use cases, such as bug-tracking, project scheduling, and so on.

Real-Time Notifications

  • Remain informed on the go with instant email notifications about assignments, task updates, and due dates.

Seamless Team Collaboration

  • Leave feedback as task comments. Tag @users to trigger personalized notifications and attach ready designs, docs, and links.

Gantt, Kanban & Calendar Views

  • Visualize project progress using intuitive views like Gantt, Kanban, and Calendar, and switch to the one you like most.

Smart Project Reports

  • Access presentation-ready reports on project progress, team performance, project expenditure, and more.

Invoice Generation

  • Automate your client billing process. Generate hassle-free invoices and customized reports using various filters.

Effortless Customization

  • Customize project dashboards to suit evolving project needs. Use our drag-and-drop workflow builder to create unique dashboards.



  • Price: $39.97 per month
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Unlimited

(All prices when billed annually) You can check further details for pricing on this link

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