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Acuity is a technology firm offering software and managed services to make connectivity easier. As is with any narrative, there were a lot of ups and downs throughout Acuity's lengthy and diverse history. Nevertheless, their team's tenacity and the steadfastness of their associates have enabled them to develop and succeed in their endeavors.
From Josh Anderson quitting his job at the University of Florida to establishing CDSI, an IT business specializing in software-based PBX systems and distinctive IVR applications, to becoming one of the most comprehensive technology infrastructure companies, Acuity has come a long way.
In order to expand their services even further, Acuity was looking forward to hiring more employees, for which they approached AllRemote. Acuity wanted to hire for the following roles:
  • Mobility Service Desk Technician (3)
  • Telecom Expense Analyst (1)
  • Full Stack Developer (1)
Let's discover the strategies we employed to achieve this rapid recruitment!

How did Acuity help many businesses flourish?

Acuity, as a technology firm, specializes in the following services:
  • Telecommunications Consultancy
  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Mobility Managed Services
  • Telecommunications Audits
  • Voice & Data Solutions
  • Professional Services
There are many things that set Acuity apart from its competition, including the individualized attention that it gives to its partners and clients, its dedication to doing the right thing, and its reputation for its steadfast ethical behavior. However, what distinguishes them most from their competition is the importance they place on their relationships with their partners and clients.
The credit for the success of Acuity's business goes to the longevity of the relationships they have built. Acuity always puts extra effort into demonstrating its commitment to the people they work with. Furthermore, Acuity's technological infrastructure is pretty awesome. Their proprietary tools enable them to communicate with their partners, carriers, and clients in real time, which helps them extend their reach. Acuity processes transactions electronically wherever possible, so its partners get paid easily and faster.
To expand its footprint, Acuity wanted to hire five people for the roles of Mobility Service Desk Technician, Telecom Expense Analyst, and Full Stack Developer. For the initial two positions, i.e. Mobility Service Desk Technician and Telecom Expense Analyst, there were more inclined toward hiring from the Philippines, whereas, for the role of a Full Stack Developer, their preferred geography for recruitment was India.
Acuity wanted to hire candidates with sound communication skills. For the post of Mobility Service Desk Technician, they wanted to hire people candidates who had some experience in IT desk management service and customer service.
Were we able to fulfill their requirements? Scroll down to know more!

Key Highlights

  • Team makeup- Mobility Service Desk Technician (3), Telecom Expense Analyst (1), and Full Stack Developer (1)
  • Number of Candidates: 05
  • Fastest hire: within 3 weeks
  • Average time to hire: 3 weeks
  • Hiring Accuracy: 100%
  • Client Headquarters: USA
  • Talent Hired from: Philippines and India

Challenges we faced while hiring for Acuity

1. Detail oriented

Acuity's hiring team was exceptionally detail-oriented. Instead of giving a quick initial scan, they carefully reviewed each application and resume. Being detail-oriented demonstrates a solid commitment to making well-informed decisions and ensuring that every aspect is thoroughly considered. This leads to better hiring choices and a higher likelihood of finding the right candidate for the job.
Such careful insight also caused a slight delay in the hiring process. However, on the brighter side, it also led to the hiring of best-of-the-best candidates.

2. Seeking candidates with a diverse range of skills

Acuity was actively seeking to fill the role of a Mobility Service Desk Technician, a position of significant importance within their operational framework. In addition to the core responsibilities associated with this role, they had a specific interest in candidates who could bring a broader skill set to the table.
Acuity was in search of a Mobility Service Desk Technician who could bring not only expertise in mobility services but also demonstrate proficiency in;
  • IT desk management,
  • handling inbound and outbound calls,
  • delivering exceptional customer service, and
  • possessing familiarity with VMware software.

3. Considerations linked to diverse time zones

It was crucial to consider the distinct time zones connected to the United States and the Philippines during the hiring process. This regional difference added a new level of complication that needed careful handling.

Hiring top talent made easy with AllRemote's help

1. Strategic sourcing

Through strategic sourcing, AllRemote's recruitment team focussed on attracting candidates who were a close match to Acuity's requirements and cultural fit. By proactively identifying and engaging potential candidates through various sources, we helped streamline the hiring process.
  • We used LinkedIn sourcing for the roles of Mobility Service Desk Technician and Telecom Expense Analyst.
  • For the full-stack developer role, AllRemote's recruitment team ran a campaign on

2. Conducted preliminary screening tests

Preliminary screening tests allow for an initial evaluation of candidates' qualifications and skills. This efficiency helped Acuity focus on candidates who met the basic requirements, saving time and resources.
Our recruitment team conducted online assessment tests for the Full Stack Developer role with the help of Codejudge to ensure that candidates possessed the necessary skills and qualifications.

3. Active participation of Acuity

Direct involvement of Acuity allowed for clear communication of their requirements. Acuity's active participation helped with real-time discussions and evaluations during recruitment. Their timely feedback allowed for quicker and more accurate recruitments.

Why Acuity chose AllRemote?

1. Highly tailored recruitment strategies

At AllRemote, our foremost approach to achieving successful hiring revolves around placing our client's needs as our highest priority. What sets us apart is our meticulously crafted hiring procedure, intricately designed to align with each company's unique requirements. This meticulous approach is the driving force behind our ability to secure candidates of the highest caliber for our clients.

2. Thoughtful insights

Through our careful analysis of job requirements, we fine-tuned screening methods to efficiently identify candidates who not only possess the necessary qualifications but also exhibit traits that resonate with Acuity's values and work environment. Our team provided Acuity with certain benchmarks, which they considered and quickly agreed upon.

3. Consistent and growing engagement with Acuity

The recruiting team at Acuity was very pleased with the outcomes and efficacy of our efforts throughout the hiring process. They were so happy with the quality of candidates we identified and the overall smoothness of the process that they have chosen to collaborate with us again, entrusting us with the task of filling more job roles for their organization. This positive feedback and repeat engagement reflect the value and impact we've brought to Acuity's recruitment initiatives.

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