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Gobble is an Asia Pacific social commerce website for group ordering and food gifting. Gobble aims to amplify happiness by strengthening ties between individuals via food and creating a fun yet reliable platform for people to exchange takeaway gifts and interact.
Their team has worked on several projects, including Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and Lime, the most significant player in micro-mobility in the world. They also have experience working for prestigious consulting companies like McKinsey & Company.
Now that Gobble has deeply penetrated the market, it wanted to expand its team, for which they have been constantly hiring since 2022. Gobble wanted to hire candidates for the roles of:
  • Business Development Manager
  • Video Animator
  • Content Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Animator
  • Video Illustrator and Animator
Let's find out how they managed to hire people quickly!

How is Gobble strengthening ties between individuals via food?

Gobble is a great way for people to group order and gift food in an easy and cost-effective manner. It brings convenience and delight to small shop owners, foodies, and groups of friends. Gobble provides a seamless solution for group ordering and food gifting.
In fact, at one point, Gobble experienced a significant increase in demand. On that particular night, their team collaborated with a new restaurant/Gobble partner to meet the demand.
By concentrating on food pickups, they were able to charge restaurants smaller commissions than other food ordering apps.
Gobble has enabled restaurants to provide discounts for groups rather than individuals by making it simple for friends to place an order together. Additionally, Gobble invests money in its marketing, most of which is distributed to the app's restaurant partners and customers. Due to the fact that two-thirds of food pickups are done in groups, Gobble has discovered a new method of food ordering that benefits both businesses and customers.
To deepen its impact and explore new horizons, Gobble was for looking forward to hiring seven people for six positions, including Business Development Manager, Animators, and Content Developers. Gobble wanted to hire contractors instead of full-time employees. They wanted to hire people on a three-month contract period.
Gobble wanted candidates who were proficient in English, and it was a bonus if the candidate also knew Bahasa. They wanted to hire content creators because they were looking to expand their e-learning content library. Gobble expected candidates to work for four hours per day so that they could deliver one to two videos per week.
Did we find Gobble contractors for all the positions? Yes, we did! Eager to know how we cracked the Indonesian employment market? Let's find out how we did it!

Key Highlights

  • Team makeup- Business Development Manager, Video Animator, Content Designer, Copywriter, Animator (2 positions), and Video Illustrator.
  • Number of Candidates: 07
  • Offer to hire ratio is 1:1
  • Fastest hire: within 15 days
  • Average time to hire: 15- 30 days
  • Hiring Accuracy: 95%-100%
  • Client Headquarters: Singapore
  • Talent Hired from: Indonesia and India

Challenges we faced while hiring for Gobble

1. Long hiring process

The initial hiring process was long, which became a massive hurdle in the hiring process. The long length of the recruitment process made the candidates feel that their qualifications were not being given due consideration.

2. Lengthy assignment during the recruitment

Gobble emphasized hiring quality candidates. And as the roles they were hiring for required a certain level of creativity, assignments naturally became an important part of the hiring process. Since these assignments demanded a significant time investment from candidates, some candidates felt discouraged. Few of them marked this as a deterrent and decided to not proceed with the hiring altogether.

3. Productive but proactive negotiations

During the recruitment process, there were a few candidates who showcased their proactive approach during the negotiation process. After engaging in a series of constructive and collaborative negotiations, we were able to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement.

4. Strategic selection for exceptional talent

Gobble's recruitment team held a strong commitment to identifying the most exceptional candidates during the hiring process. With a focus on precision and quality, they diligently evaluated seven to eight candidates for each role. This meticulous approach to candidate selection not only reinforced Gobble's dedication to securing top-tier talent but also inspired us to further expand our candidate network beyond conventional norms. Although this added to the overall length of the hiring process, we extended our unwavering effort in pursuit of excellence, demonstrating our willingness to invest the necessary time and energy to ensure that every chosen candidate would make a valuable and lasting contribution to the team.

Gobble hiring smoothly with AllRemote's help.

1. Shortening the hiring process

As AllRemote's team stepped in, they immediately detected the issues that the long hiring process and time-consuming assignments were causing. As a result, our team shortened the process with a few tweaks, speeding up the hiring process.

2. Amending the job descriptions

Earlier, only a few people were responding to the job descriptions that Gobble posted. But after Gobble implemented the changes suggested by us, the resumes were flooding. We received many resumes for each role, which led to a broader candidate pool for talent acquisition.

3. Flexibility with the budget

The Indonesian candidates were satisfied with their payroll, but we had to negotiate with the Indian candidates. However, the negotiations were smooth as Gobble was quite open with the budget.

4. Strategic sourcing

To hire the best candidates, we personally reached out to the people on LinkedIn. In fact, we ran a couple of targeted campaigns for the role of Video Animator using outbound outreach and In fact, some of the most promising hires we made were through referrals from one of the persons who got hired first.

Why Gobble chose AllRemote?

Have you ever wondered why Gobble picked AllRemote from the various employment agencies available? Why did Gobble rely on AllRemote to assist them in hiring repeatedly? Let's find out!

1. No matter what your needs are, we fulfill them

Gobble wanted to hire seven candidates for six roles. Although all the posts were remote, they were contractual. The contract period was of merely three months. Despite that, our team dug deep into the employment market and established a vast pool of talent for them.

2. More than satisfactory results

AllRemote's recruitment team helped Gobble hire candidates for all seven posts. Later, Gobble was so satisfied that it extended the contract of one candidate for the next three months.

3. Consistent and repeated hiring

Gobble was so satisfied with the results of the initial hiring that they decided to do their subsequent hiring through AllRemote.
  • We helped them hire their first candidate for the role of BDM in 2022.
  • Then later, in February 2023, they approached us again with the role of Video Animator.
  • It was in March 2023 when they came to us with a Content Designer role.
  • Then in May 2023, they wanted us to help them hire a Copywriter and Animator.
  • For the role of Video Illustrator and Animator, they approached us in July 2023.
Gobble's persistent hiring and association with us is evidence enough of how satisfied they were with the recruitment process.

4. Experienced and insightful advice

Gobble was happy with the advice we gave them, including the one related to job descriptions. They immediately implemented them, and as a result, we got so many applications for every role.

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