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Knose Care, a cutting-edge FinTech start-up based in Sydney, Australia, revolutionizes the veterinary industry by providing an all-encompassing subscription management platform. This comprehensive solution encompasses banking, administration, communication, inventory control, delivery, and data analysis. Knose Care's main purpose is "to make Australian pets the healthiest and happiest in the world." To achieve it, the Knose Care team wanted to expand their team overseas. They were looking for Business Analysts, Accountants, Developers, and Marketing Managers who could aid Knose in establishing its belief- "Everyone should have access to, and be able to afford great pet care."
But how did Knose Care build such a strong global team?
Let's find out!

Knose Care's establishing effective and easy pet care!

Knose believes that pet care should be simple, convenient, and easy. It is this driving force that propels Knose Care forward in its quest. They are diligently taking strides toward their ultimate goal of extensive pet care. Their mission revolves around ensuring that pets receive exceptional care and safeguarding them against unforeseen circumstances. Knose Care offers extensive training and a robust marketing program to further empower veterinary businesses, enabling vets to simply select their desired services and focus on attending to more beloved pets.
Thanks to the Knose Everyday Pet Care platform, the local veterinarian is now at the center of pet care. The Knose Everyday Pet Care platform allows for complete customization in terms of inclusions and cost. The high degree of customization supports the freedom of veterinarians and meets the needs of pet owners in every Australian state.
As Knose grew and expanded, it needed to hire people for technical and non-technical roles. Along with Full Stack Developer and Node.js developer, Knose also wanted to hire candidates for the Accountant, Digital Marketing Management, Business Analyst, and Business Intelligence Developer positions.
Knose wanted to build an inclusive, diverse, and cross-boundary team. But Nodejs and Full-Stack developers were hard to find as this skill combination was hard to figure out in the geography they wanted to hire from. Since Knose was hiring remotely for the first time, they chose AllRemote for cross-boundary hiring.
With AllRemote's all-around help, Knose Care was able to hire the right candidates within no time. Scroll down to know how we cracked such complicated hirings so fast!

Key Highlights

  • Team makeup- Business Analyst (2), Accountant, Business Intelligence developer, Full Stack Developer, Digital Marketing Manager, and Node.js Developer.
  • Number of Candidates: 07
  • Total time for hiring- 3 months
  • Offer to hire ratio is 1:1
  • Fastest hire: within 1st week
  • Client Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Talent Hired from: Philippines

The biggest challenges Knose faced

1. Difficult skill combination

Knose Care wanted to hire candidates with optimum skills in Node.js development and full-stack development. This skill-set combination was difficult to find in their preferred geography. On top of it, searching for candidates with 5+ years of experience became quite tiresome and hectic.

2. No point of contact

Knose Care team was eager to build an inclusive and diverse team in Vietnam but didn't have any point of contact in the country. This made it difficult to hire candidates. Furthermore, due to the different employment policies, hiring in Vietnam became more strenuous.

3. Distinctive niche domain

Pet insurance and care is an industry not widely known. Comprehensive pet care companies like Knose Care are few and far. Consequently, people don’t have a lot of experience working for these companies, hence they lack the knowledge and trust on how such companies work. This made it difficult to fetch and retain the candidate's trust.

4. Budget cap

Knose Care came prepared with its budget. While most of the recruitments were made under the same budget, few job postings required a raise, which the Knose Care team did without hesitation.

5. Language barrier

Since English is not the native language of Vietnam, it was difficult finding candidates who were proficient in the language, especially for the non-technical roles.

Hiring top talent is made easy with AllRemote's Rescue Team

1. Change in hiring geography

Based on the requirements of Knose Care, our recruitment team suggested they shift the hiring geography to the Philippines instead of Vietnam. There were mainly two reasons behind it:
  • Australia is +3 hours ahead of Vietnam, whereas it is only +2 hours ahead of the Philippines. Therefore, hiring in the Philippines was better to avoid huge time differences.
  • Knose wanted to build a diverse, and flexible team with high English aptitude. Based on our prior experience with Philippine candidates, we recommended the Philippines as the new hiring geography.

2. Strategic sourcing

To overcome the challenges mentioned above, the AllRemote hiring team created a strategic sourcing plan. In addition to referrals, emails, and other sourcing methods, our team used Indeed and LinkedIn to find the best prospects. In fact, one of the seven candidates was hired via Indeed.

3. In touch with the company

The AllRemote recruitment team was in constant touch with the team of Knose Care. They were constantly updated on the progress made. To our surprise, Knose Care's team was heavily invested in the hiring process. They believed more in the candidate than merely glancing at his/her experience and qualification. For a few candidates, they personally enquired why they got rejected and made some rectifications to help out that candidate. This is why the offer-to-hire ratio turned out to be 1:1.

4. Thorough screening

For thorough testing, all kinds of assessment tests were conducted. Our team even ran Knose hackathons for various positions. The team conducted different verbal and written assessments to test their language proficiency in English.

5. Powerful insights

AllRemote's team gave Knose Care some valuable insights regarding the insurance policy, labor laws, and payouts. In fact, one contractor was converted to a full-time employee to simplify taxation. Knose Care's team was happy with the skill assessments and our deep developer insights. They completely trusted AllRemote's information, which made the recruitment process smooth.

6. Data-driven reports

AllRemote recruitment team implemented a data-backed hiring strategy, making it possible to fulfill all the mandates. Our team understood the Philippines employment market and was able to tap into the top talent of the country. As a result, our fulfillment rate was 100%.

Why Knose Care chose AllRemote?

1. For holistic talent advice

This was the first time that Knose Care was hiring remotely, which is why they chose AllRemote for cross-boundary hiring. They were so delighted with the results that they increased their hirings from three to seven and recommended AllRemote to two more companies.

2. End-to-end talent partner

Knose didn't have an in-house recruiting team. This is why they heavily relied on AllRemote for end-to-end talent acquisition. Our data-driven approach helped Knose hire the top tech candidates in the Philippines.

3. Working with the recruitment team at AllRemote is quite simple.

We assist our clients and keep them informed throughout the hiring process to ensure transparency. Our ultimate goal is client satisfaction, and we stop at nothing until we get there.

4. We help companies hire the top tech global talent

In the past, our team has successfully assisted organizations like CarDekho, Sleek, and Shiprocket in hiring many people. With considerable experience, skills, and talent-mapping abilities, our executive sourcing and recruiting team never rests until it meets our client's expectations.

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