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Job advertisements can be a valuable tool for assisting people in exploring job opportunities that fit their interests, experiences, and ambitions. They can also help businesses in finding competent, intriguing candidates. Knowing that many job advertisements are available can be helpful if you're looking for a new job. And learning where to hunt them can make the process easier. But before we move ahead, first, let’s understand what a job advertisement is.

What is a job advertisement?

“A job advertisement is a public notification that a company makes to inform the public of new job opportunities. These ads inform potential applicants of the position's requirements and duties.”
Creative ads encourage potential candidates to apply for the job. You must create effective job ad templates to find the most skilled and suitable job candidates with the same values as your company.
In general, a job ad template must include the following elements:
  • Introduction: Your company's goal and values may be briefly described in the introduction of a job advertisement. The position could also be briefly explained.
  • Description of the role: More information about the available position is provided in this part. This includes the primary duties, the people collaborating, and a potential day-to-day routine. Additionally, it can include information about the job's location and whether remote work is an option or not.
  • Responsibilities of the role: Next, a good job ad template must include a list of particular responsibilities in bullet points. The candidate will be better prepared for the position if they know what to expect.
  • Requirements: This job ad section provides a list of the abilities and experiences that hiring managers seek in candidates. Candidates could use this to assess their preparedness before applying for the job.
  • Benefits: A job advertisement must list the job's perks. This may involve income, flexibility, insurance, workplace culture, etc.
  • Instructions for submission: This section gives information on how to apply for the job. It also notifies what materials to submit and when to submit your application. Included in the list of required application materials is a cover letter, CV, portfolio, or letter of recommendation.
  • Regarding the company: A description of the company can be found at the end of many job listings. This space may also contain a statement about diversity and equity in recruiting practices.
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Types of job advertisements and where to find them

There are multiple types of job ads but knowing where to seek a particular job advertisement is the most significant thing if you're new to the job market. Below are three types of online job advertisements, as well as where to find them.

1. Advertisements on your company's website

  • You should add a page or job search function/tile to your website to advertise open positions so that the candidates can find this type of job advertisement on your website's menu easily.
  • You can make various tabs labeled "Hiring," "Work with us," “Careers” or "Open positions” so that the applicants can find these effortlessly.
This is a convenient approach for potential candidates to browse the website and find open job positions without any hassle. This will help candidates understand your company’s culture and role requirements before applying.

2. Posts on social media

Social media advertising your job openings to a broad audience may be quite beneficial for your business. You can publish your job opening announcements and provide links to your job descriptions across all of your social media channels. Additionally, your digital marketing team may invest in paid social media marketing so that you can attract the most skilled workforce in no time.

3. Employment postings on other websites and bulletin boards

  • A job board posting might be an excellent approach to reach out to people who are looking for work right now. Both paper and online job boards are available in the employment market.
  • You can readily amend your job advertisements on online job boards, while candidates can use sophisticated search terms to find them.
  • For instance, candidates can utilize various filters on job search websites to locate relevant job ads based on region, pay, or field. They can also use advanced keyword research to include or eliminate key quantifiers.

Top performing job ad examples

Here are some of the most creative and intriguing job ad examples that will make a candidate want to apply immediately:

Job ad sample-1

  • This job ad example is by McDonald's, the world's most popular fast-food chain. It begins with bold and offensive statements before revealing its true purpose which is given in the fine print. It works well because it catches the attention of sassy, smart, and fearless candidates, the three top most qualities you are searching for in a good candidate.
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Job ad sample-2

This is a job ad example from the job search website Career Junction. There is something about this simple yet creative advertisement that attracts the most potential candidates. It catches the attention of those applicants who love art and drawing. And it caters to those who desire to work in this field.
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Job Ad sample-3

In 2019, Twitter announced that it had an open position, 'Tweeter in Chief,' and it sure earned itself a lot of fame. Several platforms, such as LinkedIn, mention them as a great job ad example.
Although some people don't see the point of this line, it provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the company's flexibility in the workplace.
Looking at the job ad, you will see that they have incorporated humor at several points, so the image here gets extra points for the creativity of the title
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Job Ad sample-4

Here is a job ad example that was created by GAP for its recruitment campaign during the Christmas season. You can see how they took advantage of the holiday season and played with the words of a popular Christmas song. They're sure to get people's attention with this message. This is a perfect job ad example to attract the most creative and detail-oriented candidates.
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Job Ad sample-5

Here is another great job ad example to attract candidates who admire your company’s values and culture. Moreover, if you want to get the most innovative workforce, then this is the perfect job ad sample for you. An eye-catching feature of this advertisement is an unusual object in the picture that attracts potential recruits. A pencil that appears ordinary but has a relatively long eraser. But the engraved philosophical thought on the pencil reflects a very interesting outlook on the kind of recruits that the company really is looking for.
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Job Ad sample-6

It's one of the funniest ads that we have seen! This hysterical job ad example portrays the everyday life of a bartender who loves doing his job. It's creative, catchy, and entertaining, and it can be very effective in attracting potential recruits. Job ad examples like this are great in getting those recruits who love doing their job and who pay keen attention to the minutest details.
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Job Ad sample-7

This job ad example is on another level. There is something interesting about this question. It seems outrageous at first, but then you find out that it is actually a radio station's recruitment ad. It can draw the attention of anyone and everyone. So if you are looking for bright, sharp, and quick-witted candidates, then this is the perfect job ad example for you.
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Tips for acing your job ad

1. Make sure your job description describes what you are looking for

The job description of your job ad depends upon the kind of candidates you are looking for. For instance, if you want to attract a creative audience, then your job ad should also be fun and creative. It should be witty enough to attract the smartest candidates. But if you are looking for a specific quality, then your job posting should be formal and descriptive. So, it's crucial to keep things clear and straightforward when crafting job ads.

2. Be encouraging rather than demanding.

The Journal of Business and Psychology completed and published the first comprehensive scientific investigation of the language used in job advertisements and its effects on candidate application rates and quality in 2014. The outcomes were overwhelming. They discovered that language and tone might both attract more applicants as well as guarantee that only the best prospects apply for your open positions.
Researchers identified two distinct categories of job ads after examining a range of job posting templates:
Demanding Jobs: Job posting template that specifies applicants' qualifications and experience to perform the position satisfactorily.
Encouraging job: These job posting templates explained to applicants what they would be expected to do in the position. And how the company would assist them.
Researchers tested the effectiveness of both sets of job ads. They discovered that the encouraging job ads attracted three times as many candidates and had higher-quality applications than the demanding job ads. In every test, applicants who responded to the demanding job posting template had a lower level of enthusiasm than those who replied to the encouraging job posting template.

3. It's all about 'You'

Pay attention to the precise wording used in the encouraging advertisement. The encouraging ad addresses the applicant as "you" rather than "the applicant," as the demanding ad does. It places the candidate in the spotlight. The job posting now features you, the candidate, rather than a nameless applicant.

4. Highlight your keywords

Your applications will increase if you underline the main phrases and ideas in your job requirement. Why? Because candidates who don’t thoroughly read the job description can comprehend the requirements and get a sense of what's important.

5. Add a picture

What visual or video content in job advertisements would likely draw candidates to the organization? According to a study by, viewing the company's goods or services would be most appealing to candidates. The same study revealed that top visual subjects also include employees and the environment or structure of the workplace.

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