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Job posting meaning

"A job posting is an official job advertisement that a company posts when they have an open job position. A job posting is posted to inform the candidates about a vacant position in a firm."
It is a formal announcement that a post in the company is open and needs to be filled immediately. It is a written announcement of available jobs that the recruiters want to fill as soon as possible. A good and carefully crafted job posting saves time, cost, and effort and makes hiring easier.

What is the difference between a job posting and a job description?

Job posting
Job description
A job posting is written for external use. It tells about an open job in the firm. It includes information about the job opening, the company, and the benefits it offers.
It is an internal document that carries information about the responsibilities, tasks, duties, and qualifications required to perform a job.
It is a kind of advertisement.
It is an elaborate document that carries all the essential details.
A job posting intends to market the job opportunity in the job search market. It plans to sell the job to the candidate.
A job description intends to explain the job to a candidate.
Job title, Information about the company, Position overview, Job responsibilities, Selection criterion, Job location, Benefits
Job title, Job Summary, Job location, Key Responsibilities, Daily duties, Skills and qualifications required, Employment types, Structure of the organization
It is written in a formal and engaging tone.
It is written in a formal and informative tone.
Job postings are short and crisp.
Job descriptions are long as they carry a significant amount of information.
It carries the information only related to the job.
It gives information about the job, the company, its culture, employee expectations, work schedule, and the benefits the company offers to its employees.

Why job descriptions are important

  • Improves your recruitment strategy.
  • It helps you get the best talent.
  • Good job postings lead to faster hiring.
  • Job posting enables you to gain visibility.
  • They allow you to brand your company.
  • Job posting helps you enhance your candidate experience.

How to write an attractive job posting

If you want to attract good employees, an attractive job posting is a must. A creative job posting will get you the best-in-class employees who make a difference and contribute significantly to the firm's growth. That is why job descriptions are essential. Follow these steps to write an attractive job posting.

1. Job description

  • Title
The title of the job posting should be crisp. Keep a traditional formal title rather than something informal. The title should be catchy as well as explanatory so that it does both things- attract and explain the job to the candidate. Keeping top searched keywords in your title is a great way to rank high on search engines.
  • Body
The job description in a job posting should be short yet compelling. It should include responsibilities, duties, team structure, etc. Mention only those details that are necessary. It should be clutter-free. Introduction to your company and its organizational structure is the main thing. Write about the perks and benefits to attract the employees.
  • End
The end of the job posting should be conclusive. Write about the next steps that a candidate should follow. Provide relevant information such as where to apply and whom to contact. Avoid using jargon in the job description of a job posting.

2. Candidate persona

The next step is to write an attractive candidate persona.
"A candidate persona includes the qualities of an ideal candidate."
Imagine the qualities you see in an ideal candidate and then form a good candidate persona. You can also include qualities and skills apart from the qualifications. For instance, you can mention the mandatory requirement of soft skills as, according to Deloitte Access Economics, two-thirds of all jobs in 2030 will require soft-skill as an essential component of a candidate's persona.

3. Job posting content

The content of an attractive job posting should include the answers to the questions:
What is the job?
The answer to this question is an attractive title and job description.
What is the type and location of the job?
Tell the candidates whether it is a full-time job or a part-time job. If it is an in-office job, then tell them the city they will be located in.
Who will be the ideal candidate?
The candidate persona is the answer here. Write about the qualifications and qualities you expect out of the ideal candidate.
Why would a candidate want to work with your firm?
This question asks about the benefits your company offers to the ideal candidates. Tell them about the mission and vision of your company and why working with your firm will be a step forward for them in their career.
How to apply?
The process of applying for this position should be explained extensively. It shouldn't be misleading.

4. Include specific keywords

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If you want your job posting to reach the ideal candidates, then ensure it is full of specific keywords. Job posting keywords are one of the essential facets of writing compelling job descriptions. They are a significant part of your overall hiring marketing strategy. Make sure you use the keywords in the title. According to Orion talent, the primary keywords should comprise 2% of the total content in your job posting. Secondary keywords should be only 1%. There are various free keyword search tools available online. Please search for the right keyword and then use it wisely.

5. Add catchy phrases

If you have a creative firm, you must use catchy phrases to attract the most proficient workforce. Otherwise, also, catchy phrases add to the creativity of the job posting. Make sure the catchy phrases you use are not empty. Your aim is not merely to sound cool. These phrases should be substantial and should convey your organization's message in a fun way. These juicy and eye-captivating phrases enhance the quality of your job posting. AllRemote's application process is short and straightforward. It is also mobile-friendly, and you can create customized job postings. AllRemote allows you to:
  1. Recruit top talent from around the world
  1. Hire the best talent at the fastest rate

6. Describe the application process

Describing the entire application process is the most significant thing in a job posting. A job posting without an application process is like candy without sugar. Just like you want to know everything about the candidate instantly, so do the candidates. Please give them accurate information regarding the entire application process. Tell them how many rounds there will be, what these rounds will be of, what the candidates should be prepared with, and other stuff. This information is crucial and must be given at the beginning so that if any candidate wants to leave, s/he can leave before the start. It will save you time and effort.

7. Make it mobile friendly

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Most of the candidates search for jobs on various apps on their mobile phones. Now, if your job posting will not be mobile-friendly, the candidates will not understand anything. As a result, they will lose interest and withdraw from the application process. Therefore, you should make the application process mobile-friendly. The recruiter life survey results state that 35% of recruiters recruit from social media sites, as most people stick to them to find jobs.
For instance, if you need some information, you can use Google Docs, which is suitable for both phones and windows. Avoid excessive use of tables as they are not easy to read on mobile phones.
Keep your application process short and easy to comprehend.

8. Have colleagues review it

Once you are done with the entire job posting, make sure you review it with your colleagues. A job posting is a formal written advertisement going out in the market to represent your company, which is why it must be error-free. A job posting with multiple amounts of errors will destroy your company's reputation within minutes. That is why it is significant you get it checked and re-checked again.

Things to avoid in a job posting

1. Neglecting the basics

When posting a job posting, never neglect the basics. The basics of a job posting, such as a good title, information about company values and its culture, its benefits, candidate persona, and others, are highly essential. You cannot write a job posting without mentioning these things.

2. Overloading it with keywords

Adding keywords does not mean you forget about the quality of the job posting. Do not flood your job posting with keywords. Job posting keywords should be used in an adequate amount, neither too less nor too much.
Choose the keywords that are relevant to the job, as you will lose track if you put unnecessary keywords. Incorrect job posting keywords are misleading and don't produce any results. Only the right keywords will help you make the proper recruitment.

3. Basic grammatical and functional errors

As discussed previously, before you post your job posting, get it reviewed by your colleagues. A job posting is written content that will represent your firm in front of the candidates. And if you want to attract suitable candidates, make sure you make an excellent error-free job posting. Devote a significant amount of time to writing a job description so that it is correct. The HRSG survey report states that almost 90% of hiring managers spend an hour or more writing the job descriptions for their job postings.

4. Complicating the application process

Candidates get irritated from searching the jobs and applying for them. And if on top of all of it, they find a complicated application process, then they will immediately back out from the application process. Thus, keep your application process short and easy to comprehend.

Where to publish job postings


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LinkedIn is one of the most famous job posting platforms across the globe. LinkedIn allows you to customize your job postings the way you want them to be. You will find the best job posting examples on LinkedIn. These best job posting examples on LinkedIn will help you understand the dynamics of a good job posting using which you can create one of your own.


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  1. Post your remote job posting that includes all the details.
  1. Review pre-vetted candidates.
  1. Hire the remote talent, and you are good to go.


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