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Sleek is a Singapore-based all-in-one digital platform for small and medium enterprises. With many services in their offerings now, Team Sleek was looking for help to hire high-quality experienced candidates in India for their core engineering team. Want to know how Sleek managed to do so within a week despite an average time offered as low as 18 days?
Let’s dive in right away!

Sleek’s Super Growth

Sleek is Singapore’s leading online platform offering services like ‘helping SMEs to register’, and ‘managing their governance, accounting, and tax compliances digitally in Singapore’. Sleek offers its customers a variety of services including Electronic signature, Accounting and Payroll, CFO services, and much more. Trusted by more than 450,000 businesses globally, Sleek has worked with companies in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, and the UK, thereby, becoming the most trustworthy portal for small and medium enterprises.
As sleek started growing expeditiously and was expanding its horizons across multiple geographies, it needed to hire profoundly skilled and experienced core engineers from India for its core engineering team. Along with key skill requirements, Sleek also needed to hire candidates who had a skill combination of VueJS + NodeJS: a rare skill combination. Furthermore, their budget was tightly capped as compared to their skill requirements. Their other objectives included recruiting candidates who work in a +-2 hours time zone overlap with India and were able to adjust to remote work culture instantly.
To say that AllRemote helped Sleek crack the Indian talent pool, would be merely an understatement. We let the results speak.

Key Highlights

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  • Team makeup Front end - reactJS, VueJS
·         Backend - NodeJS, RPA Developer, QA, DevOps, Support engineer
  • Number of Candidates: 11
  • Average offer time for hiring: 18 days
  • Total hiring time: 9 months
  • Fastest hire: Within the 1st week
  • Client Headquarters: Singapore
  • Talent Hired from: India

The biggest challenges we faced

1. Tight budget cap

With a race against time, hiring candidates for Sleek was filled with challenges all along. Our team had to not only hire the best and high-quality candidates but they had to do it at a tightly capped budget.

2. Different time zone

Since Sleek wanted to hire all its candidates from India, co-coordinating with different time zones was another major issue. Along with this, came another hurdle of convincing candidates for the cross-border recruiter. However, our team successfully tackled this challenge and made the fastest hire within a week.

3. Deal with stakeholders

The interview and the shortlisting procedures were not uniform as dealing with multiple stakeholders was involved. This led to a lot of chaos as many candidates got rejected in the later stages. Many candidates were ghosted after getting the offer letter, which became quite chaotic.

4. Combination for VueJS + NodeJS

Team AllRemote was expected to source and hire quality talent with deep skills in:
  • Front end - reactJS, VueJS, and
  • Backend - NodeJS, RPA Developer, QA, DevOps, Support engineer.
A combination of VueJS + NodeJS is a rare skill combination. On top of it, searching for candidates with + 2 years of experience became hectic.

5. Moonlighting

One candidate was found to be moonlighting. It was difficult to trace the true story and rectify the damage.

6. Slow interview process

The interview process was slow and this made even the top candidates lose interest in the job. Pacing up the interview process along with maintaining consistency was a big roadblock.

Hiring top talent made easy with AllRemote’s Rescue Team

1. Strategic sourcing using InstaHyre, LinkedIn

AllRemote hiring team made a strategic plan for sourcing to beat time constraints. Our team used InstaHyre and LinkedIn along with referrals for sourcing the top-most candidates. Furthermore, diverse talent pools were sourced and reached out to match the unique requirement: the combination of VueJS + NodeJS.

2. Pre-screening resumes

To fasten up the slow hiring process, after a discussion with companies stakeholders, our tech and recruitment expert team pre-screened candidate resumes. This screening was not only based on chief requirements of skills and experience, but also basis previous experiences of projects handled.

3. Extensive outreach to tackle passive candidates

Our team ran outreach programs to reach out to potential candidates. But merely reaching out was not enough. Therefore, to not lose the potential candidates, we ran various engagement campaigns. This helped us retain the best of the best talent.

4. Referral campaigns

Our unique talent referral program helped us make quick and quality hires. With our referral programs, we got the best references that fastened the entire process.

5. In Constant touch with panelists

The AllRemote recruiting team was in constant touch with the panelists to ensure credibility. Panelists were constantly updated on the progress for the smooth run of the recruitment process.

6. End-to-end ownership of the recruitment process and connecting the stakeholders with candidates

AllRemote’s dedicated team for Sleek hiring kept in consistent touch with the stakeholders to get their feedback. Critical feedback was acknowledged and our team worked on it. It helped in getting the most desirable candidates and minimizing the rejection rate.

7. In-depth investigation

Our team supported the Sleek hiring team throughout the investigation of the candidate for dual employment. With in-depth investigation and patience, the matter was settled at last.

What they had to say

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Why Sleek chose AllRemote?

Wondering what made sleek choose AllRemote for hiring core engineers to expand their team? Here are the top reasons:
1. AllRemote specializes in recruiting top tech talent internationally. Our team has helped many companies like CarDekho and Shiprocket to recruit hundreds of candidates successfully in the past. With extensive experience, capabilities, and talent mapping abilities – our executive sourcing and the recruiting team never finishes without exceeding expectations.
2. Our tailored recruiting strategies help on multiple levels. AllRemote’s central approach towards effective recruiting is by deeply catering to our client’s expectations. It is further assured that the companies will acquire top-notch talent after AllRemote’s customized recruiting process as per the employer’s requirements.
3. Working with AllRemote’s recruitment team is super easy. We guide our clients throughout the recruitment process and keep them updated to maintain transparency. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we leave no stone unturned to achieve it.
4. Allremote’s highly-qualified and skilled talent pre-screened based online assessments help the companies to pace up their recruitment process. As a result, many companies including Sleek have made the fastest hiring within a week.

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