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Find out how CarDekho, India’s leading car search and buying platform – hired candidates for diverse tech roles with the help of AllRemote’s expert recruitment team.

CarDekho’s rapid product growth

The primary destination for all automobile content in India, CarDekho is a unicorn startup. The product is one of its kind search and e-commerce platform for new as well as old cars. Its website and app host rich automotive content including but not limited to expert reviews, detailed specifications, prices, comparisons, videos, and pictures of all car brands and models available in India. The platform is also popular for its unique offering - the 360° view tool for all car models.
As CarDekho began growing amazingly fast, they needed to hire tech talent in diverse roles within a short span of time. Although the target market consisting of Indian developers and engineers was huge, hiring quality candidates was a challenge as most of the experienced and qualified ones had multiple offers in hand.
Were we able to tackle those challenges effectively? We let the results do the talking!

Key Highlights

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Team makeup: PHP, NodeJS, DevOps, and QA
Total candidates hired: 11
Fastest hire: Within 4 days
Average hiring time: 25 days
Client headquarters - Jaipur, India

Top challenges of hiring

With a race against time, hiring product folks for CarDekho was filled with challenges all along. Our team was required to not only hire high-quality candidates but do it at a tightly capped budget. Let’s take a look at the challenges faced while recruiting talent for CarDekho:
  • The sourced candidates needed to have a notice period of not more than 30 days. It was a hard requirement and filtered out a lot of good candidates.
  • For 3 out of 4 roles, multiple rounds of interviews were involved. This made even the top candidates drop off in between the recruitment stages.
  • As multiple internal stakeholders were involved, the interview and the shortlisting process were not uniform and this was leading to a lot of candidates being rejected in the later stages.
  • A majority of qualified candidates in the Indian talent market have 2-3 offers in hand at any given time, this became a huge challenge.

Hear directly from them

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AllRemote’s strategic approach to cracking the requirements

1. Deep analysis of interview rounds
To tackle the high drop-off and rejection rates faced initially, our team worked closely with the internal recruiters. The shortlisting strategy was thoroughly studied by our recruiters and the sourcing approach was tweaked accordingly.
2. Consistent feedback loop and incorporation
Feedback is the most crucial factor that drives quality talent acquisition. AllRemote’s dedicated team for CarDekho hiring kept in constant touch with the stakeholders continuously got their feedback and worked on it. It helped in getting the right candidates and minimize the rejection rate.
3. Pre-screening
After a discussion with internal stakeholders, our team of tech and recruitment experts pre-screened candidate resumes. The screening was not only based on primary factors of skills and experience, but also looking at previous companies, projects, and other skills.
4. Diverse talent pool sourcing
The recruitment team leveraged Nakuri, Instahyre, LinkedIn, and Angelist along with referrals for sourcing the top candidates. As the notice period of the targeted candidate couldn’t be more than 30 days, diverse talent pools were sourced and reached out for closing the positions.
5. Additional chance for candidates rejected in final rounds
An interesting and unique approach our team used for CarDekho was to give candidates who were close to clearing all the rounds but couldn't, another chance for an interview. Not only did they surprise the interviewers with confident performances but also surpassed the average interview scores of the other qualified candidates.

Why CarDekho chose AllRemote

Wondering what made CarDekho choose AllRemote for their core development hiring? Here are the top reasons:`
  1. AllRemote specializes in hiring top tech talent across the globe and has helped companies recruit hundreds of candidates successfully in the past. With extensive experience and talent mapping abilities – our executive recruiting team doesn’t finish without exceeding expectations.
  1. Tailored recruiting strategies make a huge difference. AllRemote’s primary approach towards effective hiring is by deeply catering to clients’ expectations. It’s further assured that organizations will acquire superior talent after AllRemote’s customized recruiting process as per the employer’s requirements, target talent pool, and geographical hiring culture.
  1. Working with team AllRemote is extremely easy. From guidance over recruiting journey to collaboration with the organizations’ interviewers and SM experts – CarDekho had a seamless experience while recruiting – like an extended recruitment team!

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