How Shiprocket scaled their development team across 5 geographies with AllRemote


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Key Highlights

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Team makeup: PHP Laravel Developers
Number of Candidates hired: 12
Total hiring time: 7 months
Fastest hire: Within the 1st week
Client Headquarters - India
Talent Hired From:
  • Eastern Europe – Ukraine, Poland
  • Africa – Kenya,  Nigeria, Egypt
Average Joining Time: 21 days
Offer Acceptance: 87%

Executive Summary

Shiprocket is India’s leading tech-enabled logistics solution. The software platform offers automated shipping and acts as an aggregator. Users can ship goods anywhere across the world using top courier companies.
As a part of business expansion plans, Shiprocket wanted to build a remote team with diverse talent from outside of India. AllRemote helped them accomplish this objective successfully.
The company’s primary aim was to acquire a talent pool that not only satisfies the technical requirements but also fits into the company’s fast-growth culture. More importantly, the budget was tightly capped as compared to the geographical benchmarks. Other objectives included sourcing candidates who work in a +-5 hours time zone overlap with India, have top-level English proficiency and were able to adapt to remote work culture rapidly.

The Challenge

Cracking the Eastern Europe Talent Pool for an Indian Brand

  • Tight Budget cap
  • Multilingual candidates
  • Matching time zone overlap
  • Niche talent requirement
  • Convincing European talent for outside brand
  • Communication barriers

The Solution

AllRemote to the Rescue

1. Strategic Sourcing
A combination of strategic talent sourcing from numerous platforms and targeted outreach helped in sourcing quality talent across Eastern Europe and Africa.
2. Localized Sourcing Approach
For talent mapping in multiple locations, 4 local partner recruiters were hired to identify and share qualified profiles for vetting.
3. Internal Vetting
Experts and industry tech leads vetted the candidates within 3 days of sourcing, so as to move the recruitment cycle really quick.
4. Fueled Referral Program
Our exclusive talent referral program helped us tap into the power of our talent network to bring about quick and quality hires.
5. Time Zone Matching
With extensive analysis of time zone intersection within sub-geographies, our hiring team achieved a +/- 5 hours of overlap with Shiprocket’s headquarters located in India.
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The Result

12 Top Developers Hired with 87% Offer Acceptance Rate

Through Allremote’s strategic and localized sourcing efforts, Shiprocket was able to form its core development team.
→ 12 talented candidates onboarded
→ 7 months of rigorous hiring
→ Candidates hired from Ukraine, Poland, Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt.
Recruitment Highlights
  • Shiprocket’s team was consistently kept in the loop with complete transparency of the recruitment process
  • Re-calibration in the recruiting process helped in meeting candidate expectations
  • Shiprocket team was given access to a completely transparent view of the recruitment pipeline through a dashboard which got updated & discussed weekly.
  • AllRemote helped in end-to-end recruitment – from talent sourcing to salary negotiation and onboarding, everything was covered by the team
  • Hired candidates were also engaged post-onboarding to deliver an exceptional candidate experience.

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