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Find out how RemoteLock, the World’s leading cloud-based smart lock management platform that secures millions of homes and infrastructure – built an expert mobile development team with the help of AllRemote.

RemoteLock is expanding its team internationally with AllRemote

Being one of the most popular cloud-based smart lock systems, RemoteLock is growing at an astounding pace.
As RemoteLock began expanding in the hospitality industry too, they were in dire need of expert talent in the mobile development space. And they didn’t just seek ‘quality candidates’, they were only looking for Silicon Valley-caliber developers, regardless of the geographies. They wanted to build a team that could lead RemoteLock’s development from various fronts.
Did AllRemote successfully cater to their robust requirements? We’ll let the numbers speak.

Key Highlights

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Team makeup: Full-stack, React Native, and Firmware developers
Number of Candidates hired: 9
Talent Hired From
  • Eastern Europe - Poland, Romania
  • Africa - Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria
  • Asia - India
First team: 3 developers hired within 4 weeks
Fastest hire: Within the 1st week
Client Headquarters - Denver, Colorado
Specific requirement: Deeply skilled and experienced talent in IoT, smart tech

The Challenge

Optimizing the Recruiting Cycle

We figured out that the recruiting assessments were great from a technical standpoint but candidates were dropping off because of multiple rounds of assessment which were considerably lengthy.
  • RemoteLock operates in the mountain timezone. It further filtered down candidates on their willingness to work catering to that. Especially for candidates from India, it was trickier to convince them due to the huge difference in the working hours.
  • Our next big challenge was to optimize the recruiting cycle (shorten it) without compromising the effectiveness
  • We wanted to retain more candidates in the recruitment funnel
  • Candidates in the target geographies were not used to tests while getting recruited – but interviews
  • Our primary target country was Ukraine, but due to the sudden escalation of the Russia - Ukraine War, we had to shift our focus to Poland, Romania, and a few African nations.

The Solution

AllRemote’s Tailored Recruitment Strategy

1. Pivoted from Technical Assessments to Interviews
Our team changed the recruiting strategy to a much more compact, 2-step process – screen the resumes and then conduct technical interviews - this suited the recruitment culture of our target geographies too.
2. Strategic Partnered Sourcing
For the initial round of sourcing local candidates, we performed strategic sourcing from LinkedIn, InstaHyre, and more sourcing platforms. We also hired local recruiting partners to help us source quality talent. Additionally, candidates were also assessed based on their experiences building scalable systems.
3. Effective Referral Programs
Sourcing Firmware developers was quite a job as it’s an immensely specific niche. Proactive referral programs and rewards against successful conversions helped us get quality hardware development candidates.
4. Passive Sourcing from Similar Industries
We extensively reached out to people working on different solutions in similar spaces as ours - IoT and Smart mobile apps. Sourcing passive candidates wasn’t straightforward due to the extensive time zone differences. Our team scaled up cold outreach rigorously using Instahyre and LinkedIn for finding out top profiles.
5. Time Zone Matching
With extensive analysis of time zone intersection within sub-geographies, our hiring team achieved a +/- 5 hours of overlap with RemoteLock’s headquarters located in Denver, Colorado - which lies in the mountain time zone.
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The Result

9 Silicon Valley-Caliber Developers Hired For 3 Different Roles

RemoteLock hired 9 expert developers across three profiles - Full-stack developer, React Native developer, and Firmware developer.
→ 9 developers hired
→ Talent hired from India, Poland, Romania, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria
→ +/- 5 hours of time zone overlap achieved
→ Deeply skilled, high-quality tech talent

Why RemoteLock chose AllRemote

Wondering what made RemoteLock choose AllRemote for their core development hiring? Here are the top reasons:
  1. AllRemote specializes in hiring top tech talent across the globe and has helped companies recruit hundreds of candidates successfully in the past. With extensive experience and talent mapping abilities – our executive recruiting team doesn’t finish without exceeding expectations.
  1. Tailored recruiting strategies make a huge difference. AllRemote’s primary approach towards effective hiring is by deeply catering to clients’ expectations. It’s further assured that organizations will acquire superior talent after AllRemote’s customized recruiting process as per the employer’s requirements, target talent pool, and geographical hiring culture.
  1. Working with team AllRemote is extremely easy. From guidance over recruiting journey to collaboration with the organizations’ interviewers and SM experts – RemoteLock had a seamless experience while recruiting – like an extended recruitment team!

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