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Are you looking for free job portals to post your job posting in India? Do you want to hire the best talent within no time?  Don't worry! We are right here to help you find the best job portals in India.
One of the biggest problems recruiters face today is the inability to find free job portals in India that are highly active. The internet is huge, and there are great websites that allow you to hire the perfect person who would become an asset to your company. Unfortunately, most job portals in India today are inactive and not visited by skilled job seekers. Posting your job ad on such portals would suck.
Moreover, finding the right people for your company can be a hectic task that consumes most of your day. Well, lucky for you! In today's world, where the digital industry is reaching new heights every day, work that used to take 24 hours can now be completed within an hour, and that too for free.
Yes, many companies post vacancies online all the time. This opportunity can be grabbed by qualified people who are looking for a job. But this is only possible if you post at the right job portal in India.
To save you time, we have listed some reputable websites that can help you post your jobs for free. Are you ready?

1. LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a social media platform liked by almost everyone. LinkedIn isn't exactly a job portal, instead, it is a platform that allows professional companies to network.
The number of users on LinkedIn has grown significantly over the past year. According to the Economic Times, "LinkedIn user base in India has grown by 24% in one year to reach 62 million."
Here you can find mid-level specialists working in the financial and IT sector. LinkedIn allows you to run cheap, optimized ads on LinkedIn to hire people for internships.
How to post your free job posting on LinkedIn?
  • Click the Works icon at the top of your homepage.
  • From the menu that appears, click 'Post a Job.'
  • Enter all company details.
  • Select your job functions and company industry. Based on this information, your employment type and your years of service will be automatically populated.
  • Enter your job description and skills, then click Next.
  • Add Screening Options to help your candidates.

2. Indeed

Indeed is an international job portal that offers you both paid job posting and free job posting options. Indeed is one of the most sophisticated places to post your job ad, especially if you run a startup or a small-scale business.
But how are the paid and free versions of Indeed different?
The main difference is that paid job postings are given higher priority than free job postings. Free job postings are listed at the bottom whereas paid job postings are given a place at the top. But, if you properly optimize your postings, then you can reach the most skilled workforce even through the unpaid version.

3. AllRemote

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AllRemote, one of the best job posting portals in India, allows you to post jobs quickly and within no time. With AllRemote, you can access top talent in more than 20 countries, including India. It provides you with the best and most highly-qualified talent at your fingertips. Furthermore, it guarantees you your first full-time remote hire in less than two weeks.
As one of the most robust jobs posting platforms, AllRemote offers a comprehensive guide to creating the most compelling job postings that will help you attract the best candidates. With AllRemote, you can hire the best remote talent from around the world.
Posting your job ad on AllRemote is significantly easier than any other job portal in India. Follow these simple steps to post the most attractive job posting.

4. Internshala

Internshala is one of India's most trusted job portals for posting your free job posting online. It is undoubtedly the best website if you are looking for interns or student employees. If you are hiring people for a typical student job then you can go for Internshala without giving it a second thought as this is the place where you get verified people.
Follow these three steps.
  • Create an account and register yourself
  • Post your internship to any profile and location
  • Start hiring employees as you like!

5. Glassdoor

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Glassdoor is based in the US but it also offers recruitment services in India. Furthermore, it allows free job postings on its Indian portal.
Glassdoor offers jobs of all kinds, big and small. You can post any kind of job.
It contains data from millions of company reviews, approval reviews, interview reviews, salary reports, and more.
Its USP is that it allows each company to have its page showing its brand reputation, and a profile page where the company can check the 'view' metrics, company reviews, and follower count to help job seekers search for the company.
Glassdoor has helped thousands of its clients to promote their employer's brand to job seekers. It helps you to promote your job ad to ideal candidates who might not know about it.

6. Aasaanjobs

Aasaanjobs is one of the most famous free job portals in India. You will see that there are two options offered by Aasaanjobs as mentioned under
  • Free job posting
  • Premium Job postings
To do so, you must register with Aasaanjobs. Aasaanjobs is a part of Olx Group which is a well-trusted site.
Aasaanjob has a presence across India, making it perfect for finding talent in different parts of the country.

7. WorkIndia

WorkIndia has a simple user interface and it is a free job posting website. Simply submit an online form to register as a member.
Once completed, you will be assigned a username and password. WorkIndia does not attend to applications on your behalf. Therefore, if you would like to receive your application by mail or email ID, you will need to provide your address.
Free online job postings are very easy. Just fill out a form that is not that complicated and anyone with basic computer skills can do it.

8. GrabJobs

GrabJobs is a cost-effective recruiting solution that automates candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing. With over 5,000 companies using the recruitment platform to simplify their recruitment process, it is becoming a popular choice among job seekers worldwide, including in India. Grabjobs automatically generates job seeker profiles. Moreover, candidatescan apply for your open job positions within a minute.

9. IIM Jobs

notion image is the exclusive online recruitment portal in India for middle and senior-level management positions in India. With more than one million registered professionals, is focused on providing top-notch job opportunities and enhancing the experience of job seekers. IIM Jobs is ideal for hiring senior-level executives in industries such as Banking & Finance, Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, IT, and Operations.

10. JobGrin

There are plenty of job portals in India, but JobGrin has a special mention in this list. It is one of the fastest-growing job posting websites in India.
Over 100,000 people joined JobGrin, with over 25,000 monthly active members (and growing), covering nearly every category of the job posting.
Since we're talking about job postings here, JobGrin offers free job postings. With a clean website design and great user experience, JobGrin helps you publish your job posting and find the most skilled candidates for your company.

11. National Career Service

National Career Service belongs to those job websites in India that are operated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. As part of the government's initiatives- 'Skill India’ and ‘Make in India,’ this portal offers free job listings for small-scale businesses, individuals, and families in India. The  Ministry of Labor and Employment claims that this, one of the best job portals in India, will offer job matching services in a significantly transparent and user-friendly manner.
National career service is the best free job portal for companies in India. The government states that this online job portal provides information regarding local service providers including plumbing and driving.

12. Quickr

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Quickr is a free advertising site that offers a variety of services, including selling/ purchasing second-hand items and recruitment. However, the biggest advantage of Quickr is that companies can post job listings for everyday jobs such as handymen, shop workers, domestic helpers, private trainers, drivers, and many other occupations for free.
You can also use Quickr to search for plumbers, and carpenters, for both short and long-term employment.

13. Bayt

Bayt prides itself on being the leading online job portal in the Middle East, posting thousands of job postings in various countries across the Arabian Gulf, Levant, North Africa, India, and the Indian subcontinent.
Bayt is popular with multinational companies looking to recruit top talent from India, and in the Middle East and North Africa. However, Bayt also allows you to hire in India.

14. PostJobFree

PostJobFree is another job portal that allows small businesses to list their job postings. PostJobsFree allows you to post any type of job. Free job postings are usually displayed for 21-28 days, depending on the category.
In some areas where demand for free jobs is high, older jobs will be moved down and new ads will appear first, so post your job ads again one week later for maximum reach.

15. ClickIndia

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It is one of the best job websites in India. ClickIndia is among the best job portals in India. This is also a great site for startups and small businesses looking to hire new graduates or experienced mid-level employees. Again, registration is easy. To receive applications from people searching for jobs through this site, you must provide an address or email ID.
With so much young talent in India, millions of job seekers, both experienced and new, are looking for jobs. Therefore, we encourage you to post your free job listings on more than one of these websites. The next time you are looking to hire staff, try one of the above free Indian job sites.

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