DevOps Engineer Job Description

DevOps Engineer job description will consist of the role, responsibilities, qualifications and technical or soft skills required

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DevOps Engineer should be involved at various times throughout the life of each product. To increase marketability, they also keep track of consumer reviews. Last but not least, they construct CI pipeline and instruct and mentor the team in DevOps procedures. The duties of a DevOps engineer are multifaceted; they must be quick to switch between managing operations and wearing a technical hat.


  • Implementing various IT infrastructure, development, testing, and automation technologies (CD/CI pipelines)
  • Deploy, automate, maintain, troubleshoot and improve the systems that keep the backend infrastructure running smoothly
  • Organizing the team's composition, activity, and participation in project management tasks
  • Ensure data and software security against vulnerabilities and other security breaches
  • Presenting proposals for projects based on market gaps and technological developments
  • Create guidelines for system maintenance and troubleshooting, coordinate with the development team to streamline code deployment
  • Conduct systems tests for security, performance, and availability


  • X years of work experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar software engineering role
  • Hands-on experience in relevant programming languages such as Ruby, Perl, Python, Java
  • Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration and an expert in code deployment tools like Puppet, Ansible, and Chef
  • Prior knowledge of every stage of the life cycle of a software program, from inception to extinction
  • Knowledge of Git and CI/CD for software release management and deployment
  • Working knowledge of the following: GCP, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Infrastructure monitoring, Bash scripting, etc
  • Strong command of software-automation production systems: Jenkins and Selenium
  • A working understanding of code and script such as PHP, NodeJs, Python

Soft Skills

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask


  • Experience developing engineering applications for a large corporation

Promotion Stage

Senior DevOps Engineer, Technical Lead, DevOps Cloud Engineer, DevOps Architect, Chief Technology Officer

Salary Range (in USD)

$77,000 - $100,000 per year


A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Data Engineering or related field

Reports To

Senior DevOps Engineer

Key Skills

Ruby, Perl, Git, CD/CI

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